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Amazon’s new Top Gear show to feature LaFerrari, Porsche 918, McLaren P1 showdown

photo: Digital Trends

No, we’re not referring to former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, although their reunion on Amazon Prime could be worthy of that title. What we’re really talking about is the trio of hybrid hypercars — the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918, and McLaren P1 — which were long rumored to go head-to-head on the famed BBC program. Words were said and fists were (allegedly) flung, leaving that iteration of Top Gear dead, but the monumental battle appears to be happening in a different arena. – Andrew Hard, Digital Trends

Netflix has a new nemesis as Hulu cuts commercials, hooks huge shows

Netflix may be leading, but the world of online streaming moves at its own, breakneck pace. When compared to traditional TV, watching these services develop over the last few years has been like watching bamboo shoot up beside an oak tree. Two years ago, Netflix became a full-fledged TV network; today it’s a movie studio. Tomorrow? Who knows. And Hulu may well have the same growth spurt ahead. Hulu’s 9 million subscribers may seem relatively insignificant right now, but the company’s user base has grown by over 50 percent in the last year. That’s “break out the champagne and cigars” kind of growth. – Ryan Waniata, Digital Trends

Red Rhino stampedes where Apple, Amazon and Roku refuse to tread: Porn.

photo: Red Rhino Entertainment

The Rhino Box is like a smartphone, tablet, and computer rolled into a compact home theater box. The streamer has been designed to not only take on the likes of Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, but blow them away. Running a tablet version of Android Kitkat 4.4, plus internal components that can handle streaming 4K content and running demanding video games, the Rhino box not only provides access to all the movies, TV shows, anime, and kids content you can shake a stick at, it will also stream porn. – Ted Kritsonis, Digital Trends

Associated Press & Movietone upload half a million archival news clips to YouTube

photo: Associated Press

The catalog includes a monumental 550,000 digitized archival clips, equating to more than a million minutes of footage. Those interested can search through them, as a sort of visual encyclopedia on the AP Archive Youtube channel. The channel features a deluge of footage of major historical events, from the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, to the Pearl Harbor bombing; as well as celebrity footage through the decades — everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Elvis to Amy Winehouse gets a nod. – Christine Persaud, Digital Trends

Comedy Central lands on Roku with select free content for cord cutters

photo: Comedy Central, The Daily Show

Roku users have a new reason to smile — and to laugh. Comedy Central has been added to the channel store, making it now possible for the Roku faithful to stream the network’s shows. According to Variety, some content will require users to have a TV subscription, but other content will be available for free. – Stephanie Topacio Long, Digital Trends

FCC votes to use cell phone taxes to help the poor access broadband Internet

One of the programs under the USF, known as “Lifeline,” has historically helped the millions of Americans who qualify for Food Stamps and Medicaid pay for their cell phone services, receiving $9.25 a month in subsidies. But with the growing popularity, and indeed necessity, of the Internet, lawmakers are now extending Lifeline’s services to broadband as well. – Lulu Chang, Digital Trends

MH…what? Here’s an explanation on MHL and how it works with your TV

A band of electronics companies including Sony and Nokia developed MHL — short of Mobile High-Definition Link — in 2010 as a way to connect a growing list of smartphones, tablets, and other various devices to thousands of compatible HDTVs. The standard takes smartphone and tablet content to another level, allowing you to showcase 8K video and astounding surround sound with a single cord. Said cable, which features a microUSB port compatible with nearly all smartphones and tablets, plugs into what essentially looks like an auxiliary HDMI port. – Rick Stella, Digital Trends

Now streaming on Joey: Dish brings Netflix to more set-top boxes

Dish Network became the first pay-TV provider to integrate Netflix’s offering directly into its set-top box, the second-generation Hopper DVR, and now it’s expanding that partnership a step further. Yesterday, the satellite service provider announced it’s bringing Netflix to Joey receivers. […] In an unrelated move, Dish is planning an update to the Hopper that’ll see music video service Vevo join the Hopper’s growing list of applications (that’s also a “pay-TV first,” Dish notes). That grants users access to a free (but ad-supported) library of 140,000 HD music videos and 24/7 streaming pop, country, rap, and R&B channels. – Kyle Wiggers, Digital Trends 

Deja-Vue: PlayStation Vue is everything you love to hate about cable TV in a game console

The biggest problem is that Playstation Vue simply feels far too much like cable for its own good. The bundles it offers includes a bunch of “filler” channels that make the package look big, but serve no practical value — there are at least a dozen stations we’d just as soon do without … and avoid paying for.

That’s another big problem: Vue is just as expensive as cable. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if Sony provided a user experience that vastly improved on what’s available from cable today, but unfortunately, Vue falls flat there, too. – Caleb Denison, Digital Trends 

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