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Discovery Chief Says U.S. TV Market Is Weakening While Overseas Grows

The anemia partly reflects what [CEO David Zaslav,Discovery] sees as a Nielsen Company problem as it catches up with people who watch TV shows on mobile and digital devices. “It’s critical that it gets measured, and that hasn’t been the case,” he says. “There’s stuff falling off the table that we’re not getting credit for.” – David Lieberman, Deadline Hollywood 

Cutting the cord: Why I kicked my cable TV company to the curb | ZDNet

We looked into, of course, just cutting off all the premium channels and going with “Basic Cable”. But AT&T has their pricing model engineered as such that if you leave a premium plan, they a-la-carte charge you for basically everything, including HD service and the receiver boxes themselves. It turns out that if we had gone with “Basic Cable” we would have been within less than $30 a month of the all-inclusive [AT&T U450] plan. Look, I dig Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, The Science Channel and the History Channel, but not at those prices. And a lot of that stuff is now ending up on Netflix and other streaming services. – Jason Perlow, ZDNet http://ift.tt/1sCKyXF