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As streaming grows, would Disney ever separate and compete with Netflix?

photo: Polygon

Dan Rayburn, an analyst who specializes in streaming services, told Polygon that if Disney wanted to launch a streaming service, it would have by now, but that he was surprised they hadn’t brought more attention to Disney Movies Anywhere. “They’re not idiots, they know exactly how much their content is worth,” Rayburn told Polygon. “These conversations have probably already occurred and they’ve said, ‘It makes much more sense to just license out our properties than to try and compete with other services.'” – Julia Alexander, Polygon

This Handy Website Shows You Where To Legally Stream Movies And TV Shows

WhereToWatch is the creation of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), according to Re/code. In an age when practically any movie or TV show is only a Google search and a shady link away, WhereToWatch is the MPAA’s latest attempt to cut down on piracy. […] WhereToWatch pulls from a long list of content — you’ll see results from Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Flixster, Paramount Movies, Bravo Now, CNBC Full Episodes, E! Now, Esquire TV Now, Oxygen Now, Sprout Now, Syfy Now, ABC, ABC Family, Disney Movies Anywhere, VUDU, Xbox Video, Sundance Now, SnagFilms, Fandor, WolfeOnDemand, Target Ticket, Movies On Demand, Reelhouse, IndieFlix. – Steven Tweedie,Business Insider
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