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How to Install Any App on an Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV devices, like Amazon Fire tablets, don’t have access to the standard Google Play Store, so you can’t get at as many audio, video and other apps as you can on, say, an Android TV. You don’t have to settle for this state of affairs though—you can sideload just about any app you want on to a Fire TV device by jumping through a few hoops. – David Nield, Gizmodo » https://ift.tt/35WA8uK [photo: Amazon]


TVAddons Removes Kodi Add-On Tutorial After BT Sport Complaint

This week, Kodi add-on resource TVAddons received a relatively unusual complaint about a page on its site that detailed a BT Sport-related add-on called BT Sport Video. According to a cache copy of the page (Google cache) TVAddons didn’t host the software or even link to it but did detail how to find and install it. – Andy, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/2BLZ6Am [photo: TVaddons]

This smart cross-trainer works your ass off for the right to watch Netflix

The DIY cross-trainer works in a simple way: Fill in your workout routine, select the movie or show you want to see, and the device will load up the title in Netflix. Once you start training and reach your desired tempo, the show will start streaming. But should you fall below your desired rhythm, Cyxflix will cut off the fun. – Mix, The Next Web http://ift.tt/2v5XSyw

Amazon shows you how to make an Echo with Raspberry Pi

You’ll need to snag a Raspberry Pi 2 and a USB microphone to make it happen, but you’ve probably got the other required hardware (a micro-SD card for storage, for example) lying around. Unfortunately, due to limitations with Amazon’s Voice Services, your creation can’t listen for trigger words like Echo and Echo Dot. Instead, you’ll have to hit a button to issue commands. – Divindra Hardawar, Engadget http://ift.tt/1ZAk89q

How To Install Kodi On Apple TV

How do you Install Kodi on an Apple TV 4? It can be done without any any jailbreaking or funky hacking. In order to install Kodi on the new Apple TV you must download a number of free applications and follow the instructions step by step. In the end you will install Kodi on the new Apple TV without any need to hack your Apple TV[.] – Ryan Michael Downey, The Streaming Advisor

Knit Yourself a Pair of Netflix Socks That Pause Your Show When You Fall Asleep

The project requires both knitting and electronics know-how, so if your holiday craft skill level tops out at paper snowflakes, you’ll want to find someone with soldering skills to help you out. But Netflix has provided a detailed step-by-step breakdown on how to make a pair, including sock knitting patterns for a handful of its most popular TV shows. – Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo

Netflix wants you to build your own “Netflix and Chill” Button.

photo: Netflix

The company has unveiled its design for a gadget that can dim your lights and fire up Netflix simultaneously at the push of a button. It’s a literal Netflix and Chill button, and Netflix is clearly in on the joke—the joke being that the phrase is a millennial euphemism for using Netflix as a pretext for having sex. – Dylan Love, The Daily Dot

DIY Smartphone

The Raspberry Pi handles all the processing, and connects everything together. The TFT talks to the Raspberry Pi over SPI, and the FONA talks to it over UART. Everything is powered with a 1200mah battery connected to the FONA. The FONA has a charging circuit perfect for use with the phone. Since the battery is only 3.7v, a power boost is used to boost the voltage to 5v for the Raspberry Pi and TFT. A metal speaker and microphone is connected to the FONA for audio, along with an antenna. The FONA also has a real time clock built in, so the Raspberry Pi can keep time even when off wifi connection. The Raspberry Pi also has a USB Wifi Adapter connected to it giving it internet access. – Tyler Spadgenske, Hackaday
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