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Porn studio sues immigrant who has “no idea how BitTorrent works,” wins big

In court papers, Bui’s lawyer described his client as a Vietnamese man who has become a naturalized US citizen. Bui, who owns a nail salon […] “speaks basic but imperfect English,” and said he had no idea how BitTorrent works. The software was loaded onto his computer by a friend who recommended he check out the “Kickass Torrent” website to get free movies. “Mr. Bui did not believe and does not now believe that he was doing anything wrong in ordering movies from Kickass Torrent,” wrote Bui’s lawyer, James Mitchell […] Mitchell argued that [Malibu Media] was a “copyright troll,” that used Kickass Torrents as a “honey pot” to “trap unwary consumers like Don Bui” and scare them “into paying a large sum of money to avoid the rigors and exposure of a law suit [sic] – Joe Mullin,Ars Technica