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Don Lindich’s Sound Advice: Streaming movies could never replace Blu-ray discs

With the popularity of streaming movies, when do you think buying movie discs will become a thing of the past? There are several very positive things that physical media offers that streaming services do not. he first is availability. Not every movie available on DVD or Blu-ray is available via streaming services, […] The second is control. If you buy a movie disc, you keep it and can watch it whenever you want, indefinitely. […] The third is quality and features. Blu-ray disc still offers the very best sound and video quality available, short of the incredibly sparse 4K offerings out there. There are also the many special features found on discs such as trailers, commentary and interviews. […] Physical media sales have declined due to competition from streaming, and this has started to work in the consumer’s favor. Deals on DVDs and Blu-ray discs are becoming incredible bargains. Many excellent films, both modern and classic, are available for less than $10 each. – Don Lindich,Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
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