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Facebook torpedoes Streaming-TV

Facebook shuts down Streaming-TV!

Early this morning in the AM for some reason unknown the algorithm that monitors Facebook flagged one of our posts. Unfortunately its not even known what post could have triggered this since Facebook provided no information. But appealing the decision seems to be judged by the same algorithm that flags posts.

Right now its looking like Streaming-TV might be over folks.

But whatever happens I want to thank everyone who supported this little blog that could for the 8yrs running

– Michael Whay, Content Editor Streaming-TV

CBS’s streaming service crashed before the Grammys even started

The Grammys aren’t the most watched awards show (in 2015, the Oscars drew in 36.6 million viewers as opposed to the Grammys’ 25.3), but for a fledgling app like All Access, a flub of this magnitude is proof that the service isn’t actually able to satisfy the high number of viewers it wants to attract. And all the exclusive Star Trek reruns in the world won’t make up for the service’s failure to deliver when it actually matters. – Lizzie Plaugic, The Verge

Netflix Suffers Outage Across All Streaming Devices

photo: Netflix, Variety

Netflix has more than 65 million subscribers worldwide, and reported problems across the U.S., Mexico and Brazil on all streaming platforms, which include computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and set-top boxes. It first acknowledged the issues at about 5:45 p.m. PST. It’s unclear how many of its millions of users were affected. – Alex Stedman, Variety

NHL GameCenter Not Working: Roku, Streaming Video Issues Plague Live Hockey App

NHL Gamecenter Live – – available in nine monthly payments of $18.99, more than three times the price of the NFL’s hugely successful RedZone package – – makes it possible for fans to stream live games to their desktop, mobile device, and through their PlayStation, Xbox or Roku devices. Partly because of the price, and partly because there are simply no other options, fans have demonized GameCenter Live for its simple lack of functionality. […] Much of the criticism on social media has centered on GameCenter’s unreliability, and viewers trying to watch via Roku have been especially angry. The re-fitted version of the NHL app doesn’t work with a large number of models, infuriating Deadspin sports and media writer Timothy Burke. “We saw this sh– from the NBA last year, and Roku is offering the same $14-off-a-$100-device deal to upgrade that they did a year ago. Let’s make this perfectly clear: older Roku boxes are fully capable of handling the video streams produced by the NHL’s online provider,” he wrote. – Jeff Stone,International Business Times  
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1tPIYAp )

Netflix streaming service hit by partial outage

Netflix’s streaming service is experiencing a partial outage this Tuesday evening, preventing customers from watching some movies and TV programs. […] Instead of their normal selections, many customers were presented with a limited number of shows and movies that could be accessed instead. It wasn’t immediately clear how many customers were affected or when the outage occurred. – Steven Musil,CNET