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LiveU Plans Live Streaming Bonded System for 2016 NAB Show

LiveU will demonstrate LiveU Solo, a new live streaming bonded solution for the online media market at the 2016 NAB Show. This plug-and-play system allows users to live stream by connecting automatically to popular content delivery networks, such as YouTube Live or Wowza Streaming Cloud. – TV Technology Magazine

Livestream wants to democratize live broadcasting and is offering this little box to do it

The Mini’s HDMI input supports video up to 1080i, which it can then encode on the fly in H.264/AAC at up to 1080p at 4Mbps. You can then use the box’s built-in 802.11n dual-band wireless (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) to send your video to Livestream’s viewing platform that can be watched on any device from smartphones to computers to a Roku box. – Joshua Goldman, CNET
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Olympus Air is a lens camera that pairs with your smartphone

Meet the Olympus Air, the company’s first attempt at this type of remote device. Aside from being able to connect with your iOS or Android smartphone wirelessly, the Olympus Air has a 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor and can take up to 320 shots on a charge. Interestingly enough, Olympus is pegging the Air as an open-platform camera, since the company does plan to allow third-party developers to create applications for it. – Edgar Alvarez, Engadget
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Octo-Light: Camera Ring Lamp using LED Light Strips

The Octo-Light is a camera ring lamp which is made up of LED light strips. It’s cheap to make and perfect for beginner macro photography and video! This lamp is excellent at flooding scenes with uniform light, which softens hard shadows and removes grain. Its’ uses range from close-up to medium shots and it works great as a primary lamp in a dim environment (like a room). It can be powered from a DC wall adapter or a battery, which makes it extremely portable. An upside of using LED light strips is that there are many different kinds to choose from. I went with some regular LEDs, but you can use extra-bright LEDs which will provide even more light! – Comsa42,Instructables
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Get Unique Stabilized Low Angle Camera Shots with the Freefly Tero Remote Controlled Car

While it’s not the first time a camera has been attached to an RC kind of car like this, Freefly Systems’s custom vehicle is designed specifically to handle the weight of a MōVI M10 and a decently heavy camera rig, and also helps to remove the vibrations caused by bumps in the ground. There are many potential uses for a rig that is both stabilized and low, and it would work well for when other rigs would be too tall or large to fit within the space necessary. As they say in the description, it’s also going to be really useful in situations that are too dangerous to put people in. – Joe Marine,No Film School  

Nikon D810 Adds 1080P 60FPS & Other Video Features, But Not 4K « No Film School

Even though Nikon was the first DSLR out of the gate with 24p video, it was Canon that really made a splash with the Mark II not long after. Nikon tried to get back some of that market with the D800 and D4 aimed at video shooters, and now they are pushing even harder with the new D810, which adds 1080p 60fps, higher ISO capabilities, and simultaneous recording to both internal cards and an external recorder. While there is a big push to add 4K recording to these kinds of cameras, neither the newer D4s nor the new D810 have it. – Joe Marine, No Film School http://ift.tt/TnnZtr