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These are the top-earning YouTube stars of 2015 according to Forbes

photo: The Verge

[Forbes] has published its first ever list of top earners on the video platform, with the irrepressible Felix Kjellberg (better known as PewDiePie) heading the charts with pretax earnings of $12 million, according to Forbes’ calculations. Other figures on the list include comedy duo Smosh ($8.5 million), violinist Lindsey Stirling ($6 million), British video game commentator KSI ($4.5 million), and make-up expert Michelle Phan ($3 million). – James Vincent, The Verge

Terrible Week for TV. Great Week for the Future of TV.

photo: 5xinc, Thinkstock

[T]he TV guys still don’t want to break up the bundle, because that’s the underpinning of their entire business model. And they’re not the music industry in 2003. But because they don’t want to get to that point, they might also be willing to consider stuff that’s in between what’s available today and a complete free-for-all. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

Ex League of Legends player earns $800k a year from streaming

According to Kotaku (via onGamers), ex League of Legends player, Wei “CaoMei” Han-Dong, is now making around $800 000 annually. It’s alright, I will give you time to rub your eyes quickly, because I did the same myself. What he was earning previously is almost laughable in comparison. Wei “CaoMei” Han-Dong’s mother remembers each time her son’s monthly salary increased: November, 2011, trainee, 3,000 RMB ($491); March 2012, official member, 4,000 RMB ($654); November, same year, the IPL 5 Champions, 7,000 RMB ($1,145); May 2014, 10,000 RMB ($1,636); June, 20,000 RMB ($3,271). Now retired, he streams with an annual salary of five million RMB ($817,863). – Matthew Figueira,Lazygamer
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Netflix falls short of Q3 subscriber numbers, stock tanks by 26 percent

Netflix has released its Q3 earnings today, and investors are panicking. During the quarter, the company brought on an additional 3 million subscribers That bring’s Netflix’s total customer base to 53.1 million; CEO Reed Hastings says he expects to close out 2014 with 57 million global members. But he also acknowledged that the 3M number missed Wall Street expectations — and the company’s own forecasts. Netflix ended Q3 with 37.2 million US subscribers, which is short of its 37.6 million forecast. Looking internationally, Netflix now tallies 15.84 million subscribers, also well below its original 16.16M Q3 forecast. […] HBO creating a standalone streaming service was “inevitable” according to the Netflix CEO. But he clearly believes both companies can coexist, each making plenty of money, in the months and years ahead. – Chris Welch,The Verge 
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Preview – Netflix movie push aims to freshen streaming content

Netflix has said it believes new and exclusive movies will help it build on its base of 50 million global customers. The company will release its latest subscriber numbers in its quarterly report on Wednesday, when it is expected to face questions about the original movie strategy. […] If it can convince more stars and directors to accept straight-to-streaming deals, Netflix could shake up movies as it did television. […] With more original movie deals in the works for Netflix, Hollywood directors told Reuters they are weighing the pros and cons.

David Ayer, director of the coming World War II drama “Fury” starring Brad Pitt, said he “absolutely” could be lured by an online distributor for a future project. “The screens we watch on are becoming handheld (and) portable,” he said. “It’s the future of the business.” – Lisa Richwine & Piya Sinha-Roy,Reuters

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Pandora Earnings Preview – Streaming Music King Hits Ceiling

Pandora is a wildly successful streaming music company. It has the biggest audience of any similar service, with more than 76 million people tuning in as of Q2. According to Pandora, that accounts for more than 8% of the entire radio listening market! […] While listener hours were up by much more than that, with about 29% growth, it is important to note that if Pandora stops growing the number of people who subscribe, it will have a very difficult road ahead. […] Recently, an organization called SoundExchange pitched a higher royalty rate for streaming radio services like Pandora, effective in 2016. […] SoundExchange wants Pandora to pay 0.25 cents per song in 2016, which bumps up to 0.29 cents by 2019. However, when you do the math that works out to well more than half gross revenues. – Jeff Reeves,InvestorPlace  
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