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Apple offers two week window for iTunes refunds… in Europe

In case you needed another reason to be jealous of Europe, Apple Inc. has one. Now you can return pretty much any iTunes purchase for a full refund within two weeks. Don’t go thinking this will allow you to beat Infinity Blade 3 in one sitting and get your money back, though. If you open the app (or book, or what have you), Apple has the right to refuse a 9refund. – Timothy J. Seppala,Engadget

Maricopa County Libraries to offer digital streaming

Starting Tuesday, Aug. 19, the Maricopa County Library District will offer cardholders free online and mobile access to streaming content through its partnership with the digital service Hoopla. More than 600,000 library users in the Phoenix area will be able to watch movies and listen to music and audiobooks on demand through their smartphones, tablets, personal computers and Apple TVs. […] The Hoopla Digital model replaces the libraries’ current “one copy, one user” model, which often meant long wait times to check out a particular title. The new service means no waiting for someone to return “West Side Story” before you can check it out. – Kylie Gad,azcentral

Hoopla, streaming media service, coming to libraries

Borrowing digital music, movies, TV shows and audio books from local public libraries is about to get easier. Starting Monday, the St. Joseph County Public Library and the Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library will launch access for their cardholders to “ hoopla,” a streaming media service that allows patrons to borrow music, films and other digital items via smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. […] Hoopla provides access to more than 138,000 full music albums, more than 4,000 films, 700 TV series and nearly 12,000 audiobooks. E-books are expected to be added by the end of this year. – Margaret Fosmoe,South Bend Tribune  

Streaming books threatens to sell readers down the river

Scholastic, the publisher of such children’s book juggernauts as The Hunger Games and the Harry Potter series, announced recently that its Storia ebook shop would shortly be “transitioning” to a streaming model. What this means for its readers is that books they have already purchased might become unreadable. According to Scholastic’s website: “The switch to streaming means that ebooks you’ve previously purchased may soon no longer be accessible.” – James Bridle,The Guardian