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Hulu Picks Up Triumph the Insult Comic Dog 2016 Election Special

The one-hour special will be available to Hulu subscribers beginning in early February. In “Triumph’s Election Special 2016,” Hulu’s first partnership with Funny Or Die, Triumph hits the presidential campaign trail, traveling to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to crash campaign events and mock the media’s thirst for controversy. Triumph has already visited a Democratic debate and a Tea Party convention, as well as a string of Ted Cruz bus appearances. – Todd Spangler, Variety

Engadget’s guide to tonight’s Democratic debate

photo: Engadget

Tonight the Democrats will take the stage and battle it out for the affections of the American public. The spectacle begins at 9PM ET on NBC. But, if network television isn’t your thing, you’ll have plenty of options for how to watch. You can fire up the NBC News app on your Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, Fire TV or Roku, or You could simply visit NBCnews.com. Or you could visit YouTube.com/NBCNews and watch a livestream there. – Terrence O’Brien, Engadget

Republican debate schedule: CNN’s GOP debate

The debate will air live exclusively on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Español. CNN will also offer a live stream of the debate on CNN.com‘s homepage and across mobile platforms from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET. All users will be able to watch live CNN TV online and on their mobile devices without logging in. – Daniella Diaz, CNN

Jeb Bush’s Plan To Gut Net Neutrality

photo: Rainier Ehrhardt/Associated Press, Gizmodo

Instead of viewing the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rule as a safeguard for consumers, Jeb Bush is framing it a way to sandbag ISPs out of their rightful profit margins, with no upside for people using their services. Many of Bush’s GOP allies recognized the need to protect consumers from unfettered, exploitative ISP policies, and this stance is extreme. – Kate Knibbs, Gizmodo

Watch Stephen Harper Convince Millennials He Is Not a Netflix-Hating Robot

“I love movies and TV shows,” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says flatly in a campaign video posted to Twitter last night, […] The prime minister’s facehole then creaks into a smile, assuring millennials around the country that his machine brain contains the empathy unit necessary for appreciating some good-ass digital content. And, of course, he staunchly opposes a “Netflix tax” that none of his opponents in the current election race have actually proposed. – Jordan Pearson, MOTHERBOARD

Midterm Elections 2014: No TV Cable? Candidates Struggle To Court The Cord-Cutter Vote

As the 2014 midterm elections heat up, candidates in states with the closest races are increasingly seeking out cable-less voters on places like Facebook, Pandora and Hulu — much to the dismay of consumers who thought their curated media world would spare them from the cyclical barrage of election-cycle campaign ads. “Am I the only one about ready to put my fist through the monitor every time one pops up?” one DataLounge commenter said of Hulu political ads. […] One way campaigns are adjusting to this shift is by purchasing ads directly from the cord-cutter favorites that are replacing traditional television and radio. In 2012, for example, Hulu saw a 700 percent increase in the number of political ads from previous election cycles. In the current election, Pandora Media Inc. is airing ads for roughly 400 campaigns, a spokesman for the online radio company told CNBC. – Christopher Zara,International Business Times 

Martin O’Malley Believes Wi-Fi Access Is A ‘Human Right’

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) said “Wi-Fi is a human right” while comparing the generational differences between baby boomers and young people. […] “Younger people are choosing to live in cities,” […]. “They realize that connections to each other are making us better. That Wi-Fi is a human right. That proximity is important to entrepreneurship, access to capital and talent and diversity. There is an opportunity there for us as a nation to embrace that new perspective.” O’Malley is rumored to be laying the groundwork for a 2016 presidential campaign. – Amber Ferguson,HuffPost Tech
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Key dismisses Dotcom’s threat

The internet mogul says he’s got evidence Mr Key lied about when he first heard about [Kim Dotcom], and will present his case at the Auckland Town Hall on September 15 – only five days out from the election. […] “He clearly has the sort of personality that’s of an attention seeking nature,” [Prime Minister John Key] said. “In my opinion he’s watched far too many episodes of (political TV drama) House of Cards.” – NZN,3news.co.nz  http://ift.tt/1jPMzj3