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‘Hannibal’ Season 4? Bryan Fuller Hints at Amazon, Netflix Discussions

Amazon holds the rights to the first three seasons of “Hannibal,” so it would make most sense to bring new life to the show over there, as opposed to via Netflix or perhaps another network, […] Though Amazon is a sensible fit, problems can arise without NBC involved, as an international component is key and much funding comes from Europe, which is how Gaumont, the French studio behind “Hannibal,” championed for the current season’s renewal. – Bryan Fuller via Elizabeth Wagmeister, Variety

‘Orange is the New Black’: Jason Biggs Not Returning to Season 3

Jason Biggs will not be returning for season three of “Orange Is the New Black,” Netflix confirmed […] “They’re not focusing on Larry at the moment,” Biggs told the New York Daily News. “Larry will not be in season three. But there’s always a possibility he can come back.” – Elizabeth Wagmeister, Variety
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Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Netflix Series Casts Carrie-Anne Moss in Recurring Role

[Carrie-Anne Moss] (“The Matrix”) will appear in a recurring role as a no-nonsense woman who could be a powerful ally to Jessica (Krysten Ritter), if she’s not completely alienated by her first. In addition to Ritter as the title character, the actress joins Rachael Taylor, who will play Jessica’s best friend, Trish Walker; David Tennant, who’s been cast as villain Kilgrave; and Mike Colter, as Luke Cage. – Elizabeth Wagmeister, Variety
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