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Verizon to Offer Slimmer TV Channel Packages to Battle Streaming Rivals

Verizon’s new service, called FiOS Custom TV, starts at $55 a month and offers a base channel package with more than 35 channels, including local broadcasters and networks like CNN, HGTV, AMC and the Food Network. In addition, customers can select two of seven genre-specific packages — like sports, children or entertainment — that include about 10 to 17 additional channels and are part of the $55 monthly charge. Customers also can add channel packages for $10 a month and change their selections after 30 days. – Emily Steel, The New York Times

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu No Longer Find Themselves TV’s Upstarts

Netflix is framing HBO’s push into streaming as less a competitive threat and more a validation of Netflix’s own philosophy for Internet television. “A lot of people will subscribe to more than one service similar to the way they do with apps on their phones or magazine subscriptions,” said Anne Marie Squeo, a Netflix spokeswoman. “So there’s room for multiple Internet content providers to thrive if they’re delivering great shows and movies for a reasonable price.”

The convergence of the new and old television worlds is illustrated by the shift in the rivalry between HBO and Netflix. In 2011, some TV executives rolled their eyes when Reed Hastings, Netflix’s chief executive, pointed to HBO as his company’s main rival, and HBO rejected the comparison. – Emily Steel, The New York Times

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Nielsen Reports 2 in 5 U.S. Households Subscribe to Video Streaming Services

About two in five American households now subscribe to a video streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus, according to a new report from the media measurement company Nielsen that tracked the penetration of the digital offerings. […] Netflix, which counts 40 million paid subscribers in the United States, ranked at the top in terms of penetration, with about 36 percent of households subscribing to the service in November, Nielsen said Wednesday in its Total Audience Report. Amazon Prime came next at 13 percent during the same period, followed by Hulu Plus at 6.5 percent. – Emily Steel, The New York Times
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You can’t watch the NFL on CBS’ new streaming service

On Thursday, CBS announced a subscription-based live and on-demand streaming video service called CBS All Access that will feature much of the network’s programming that is already available for free via broadcast. However, there’s one notable exception for sports fans: NFL games will not be part of that package. […] There is some hope that NFL games will be available through the service in the future. CBS officials are “in discussions” with the NFL over streaming its content, according to Emily Steel of The New York Times. – Matt Verderame,SB Nation
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After Supreme Court Ruling, Aereo’s Rivals in TV Streaming Seize Opening

The main difference between these companies — which have not drawn the ire of broadcasters — and Aereo is that their customers own the antennas and capture signals in their homes, as opposed to remotely. [Mark Ely,Simple.TV] and [Mark Buff,Mohu] say they believe that will satisfy the requirement under copyright law that the transmissions be private performances, a position that Aereo argued unsuccessfully before the Supreme Court. “Where you capture the signal makes all the difference,” Mr. Ely said. “This fits squarely in fair use.” – Emily Steel, The New York Times http://ift.tt/1jCHvta