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HBO Tops Netflix With Most Total Emmy Wins, But Amazon Finishes Strong

After winding up in an historic tie in 2018, HBO held off Netflix in this year’s Emmy race to capture the most wins among networks across the awards’ three primetime ceremonies, 34-27. – Dade Hayes, Deadline Hollywood » https://ift.tt/30fE8I9 [photo:Deadline Hollywood]

‘One Day At a Time’ Wins First Emmy For Netflix Post-Cancellation As It Gears Up For New Season On Pop

One Day At a Time contributed an Emmy win to Netflix’s tally, going 1-for-1 with its single Emmy nomination and faring better than several higher-profile and more hyped Netflix projects like Beyonce’s concert film Homecoming, which went 0-for-6. – Nellie Andreeva, Deadline Hollywood » http://dlvr.it/RD9kpQ

YouTube, Other Streaming Shorts Can Now Win Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards being opened up to streaming content awards will be based on peer voting for such content. The Streamys and the Webbys, which recognize such content, allows voting across the general public. With the changes in place, networks and platforms that will be eligible to win an Emmy include YouTube Red, Fullscreen, Crackle, Adult Swim and many more. – Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times

Walmart’s Streaming Video Service VUDU Discounts All Of This Year’s Emmy-Nominated Shows To $.67

photo: HBO, The Consumerist

For folks who might enjoy, say, Game of Thrones and VEEP, but not enough to pay for HBO or HBO NOW just for those two shows, […] Walmart’s streaming service VUDU might make sense: it charges per episode for TV shows, instead of requiring an upfront subscription fee for access to its libraries. VUDU is now sweetening the deal on some shows, knocking the per-episode price of all 2015 Emmy nominees and winners down to $0.67. – Mary Beth Quirk, The Consumerist

HBO towers over streaming upstarts at TV’s Emmys

HBO, owned by Time Warner Inc, topped all networks and their streaming competitors with a total of 43 awards. It was the first time in 13 years a network won both the drama and comedy series honors. Online retailer Amazon.com shared the Emmy stage, taking five awards for groundbreaking transgender series “Transparent,” including best actor for Jeffrey Tambor. Streaming pioneer Netflix earned four Emmys, with Uzo Aduba named best supporting drama actress for playing “Crazy Eyes” on the dark prison series “Orange is the New Black.” – Lisa Richwine, Reuters

Niche Streaming Site Acorn Lands Emmy Nomination for ‘Poirot’

photo: ITV

The Emmy nomination of “Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Curtain, Poirot’s Last Case” was not simply an odd surprise. It was the first Primetime Emmy nomination for a niche streaming service. Netflix (“House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black” and now “Bloodline” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”) and Amazon (“Transparent”) are the blue whales of internet streaming. Acorn TV, which submitted “Poirot” for an Emmy, is a little fish. But little fish can swim fast, and Acorn may well be the harbinger of a future full of successful niche streaming services as viewers cut their cable cords and move online. – Aljean Harmetz, Thompson On Hollywood via indieWIRE

All those jokes about cable vs. streaming make me think it really is time for some Emmy reform

[I]t doesn’t feel like we’ll ever get on with fully enjoying good television so long as we’re hung up on mutual worries about the business of distributing television. Somehow, even though most of us are not network executives, this has become everybody’s problem. I expect people who work in the industry to obsess on those issues, but their obsession has become viewers’ obsession too — and more than just about the size of our monthly cable and satellite bills. We’re consumers. We just want to watch the stuff. Some of us — quite a few of us, in fact — are willing to pay for it, too. – Hank Stuever,Washington Post Blog
( Full Story: http://ift.tt/1rxdXWL )

The Battle Between HBO And Netflix Just Got Real

HBO got 99 of the Emmy nominations announced on Thursday, the 14th year in a row the cable network has gotten more nods than any of its rivals. […] But Netflix garnered 31 nominations more than doubling last year’s haul of 14. That puts Netflix at 7th on the list of networks getting nominations, but it is climbing up the ranks quickly. And the networks ahead of it are all “real” TV networks like CBS and ABC. Their nomination tallies aren’t growing as fast. – Alexis Kleinman, HuffPost Tech http://ift.tt/1rYhjRq

Emmy Watch: Streaming for a Win

Orange Is the New Black could lead to Emmy gold. The Netflix series is poised to become the first Outstanding Comedy nominee from a streaming service, just as House of Cards broke the drama barrier in 2013. […] Meanwhile, Amazon Studios is on the hunt for its first nomination. The digital service is spending heavily on a campaign touting Alpha House, its political comedy starring John Goodman. – Michael Schneider, TV Guide http://ift.tt/Vnn91L
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