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Animator for Netflix’s ‘Carmen Sandiego’ says he was fired after asking for fair pay

Dla says Netflix is partially responsible for holding the companies it works with, like Top Draw, accountable for how they treat their employees. He says Netflix takes “the cheapest deal from a company that promises to get production done fast and cheap, with little regard for its creative workers” and that it prioritizes profit and pleasing shareholders over “the welfare of workers that drive these industries in the first place.” – Eilish O’Sullivan, The Daily Dot » https://ift.tt/2OgNqgs [photo:Netflix]

Spotify-Owned Gimlet Stalled Podcaster Union Efforts for Months

Earlier this week, Gimlet management “effectively declined” to recognize the union, Gimlet Union said in a tweet. It demanded a the proposed group of staffers seeking collective representation hold another vote to see how many favor a union, but seeks to bar around 30 current members of the bargaining unit from this revote… – Bryan Menegus, Gizmodo » https://ift.tt/2U53F4B

Netflix Announces “Unlimited” Maternity And Paternity Leave

photo: Jacques Brinon, AP

Netflix announced Tuesday that it will give new parents “unlimited” time off during the first year after a child is born or adopted. […] Netflix said the move is also designed to help employees avoid the “headache” of applying for disability pay, which employees at many companies are required to do as part of the parental leave process. – Jim Dalrymple II, BuzzFeed

Netflix taggers: people paid to watch the streaming site

Nestled in front of a gigantic screen, it’s no surprise that Josh Garrell likes to watch TV and movies. […] He works for Netflix and is part of a select group of part-time employees called “taggers.” His job is to watch movies and TV shows and describe the plot, themes and characters by applying hundreds of labels known as tags. “I’m basically memorizing as much information as I can while watching it,” Garell said. “Is there any cursing? What type of humor is in there? If it’s a comedy, how dark does it get? Tagging isn’t your interpretation of a movie, it’s just the cold hard facts of what you are watching. He enters those cold hard facts into a very detailed online database. […] His tags are then fed into Netflix’s highly secret algorithm at their Silicon Valley headquarters. The tags help create the personalized recommendations subscribers’ see on their screens, like “violent suspenseful foreign action and adventure,” “gritty biographical documentaries” and “movies featuring a strong female lead.” – CBS News 
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