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Tennessee explains why it should be able to limit city-run ISPs

photo: Aurich Lawson

In Tennessee, the Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga offers Internet and video service to residents, but state law prevented it from expanding outside its electric service area to adjacent towns that have poor Internet service. Tennessee is one of about twenty states that impose some type of restriction on municipal broadband networks, which protects private Internet service providers from competition. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

Comcast’s worst nightmare: How Tennessee could save America’s Internet

[I]n an epic fight over telecommunications policy, the paradigm is now being flipped on its head, with corporate forces demanding the government squelch competition and halt the expansion of those high-quality services. […] The front line in this fight is Chattanooga, Tennessee, where officials at the city’s public electric utility, EPB, realized that smart-grid energy infrastructure could also provide consumers super-fast Internet speeds at competitive prices. A few years ago, those officials decided to act on that revelation. Like a publicly traded corporation, the utility issued bonds to raise resources to invest in the new broadband project. Similarly, just as many private corporations ended up receiving federal stimulus dollars, so did EPB, which put those monies into its new network. The result is a system that now provides the nation’s fastest broadband speeds at prices often cheaper than the private competition. – David Sirota, Salon http://ift.tt/1zQaRhX