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This Box Can Hold an Entire Netflix

Netflix’s Open Connect Appliances (OCAs) is basically a badass connected hard drive. But we’re not talking in GBs of storage here. No, OCAs are measured in TB. The most basic unit, known as a Rev. A, is a 100TB device. How much storage is that in practical terms? According to Netflix, HD video streams use 3GB of data per hour, so if you do a little math you’ll find that a 100TB device holds some 34,133 hours of HD video. That’s 1,422 days, or 203 weeks or just under four years of HD video. And for all that, it’s a mere 7″ x 17″ x 23″, about the size of an old-school PC tower, and weighs just 100 pounds. Heavy, sure, but liftable. It’s hard to lift four years of video; go figure. – Eric Limer, Gizmodo

Playstation TV Is a Tiny, Streaming Companion for Your PS4

Playstation TV, a tiny streaming box released as PS Vita TV in Japan, will be coming to the US and Canada this fall for $99. The tiny box will let you stream games from your PS4 proper to another TV in the house, while also letting you stream PS3 games and older classics via the forthcoming magic of Playstation Now, presumably with no PS4 required. Of course, that’s on top of all the other things that a streaming box can do, like Netflix, and Hulu, and all the other streaming apps that the PS4 can handle. – Eric Limer, Gizmodo http://ift.tt/1qkStru