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Streaming Service Twitch Removes Crypto Payment Options, Reddit User Reports

Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch has evidently removed Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment options for subscriptions. The change was reported by a Reddit user on March 23. – Adrian Zmudzinski, Cointelegraph » https://ift.tt/2FwdOhD

SoundCloud on the blockchain? Audius raises $5.5M to decentralize music

Users will pay for Audius tokens or earn them by listening to ads. Their wallet will then pay out a fraction of a cent per song to stream from decentralized storage across the network, with artists receiving roughly 85 percent — compared to roughly 70 percent on the leading streaming apps. The rest goes to compensating whoever is hosting that song, as well as developers of listening software clients, one of which will be built by Audius. – Josh Constine, TechCrunch https://ift.tt/2AQ3uRx

Revolutionizing Music Streaming with Voise, the First Music Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain

VOISE tokens can be used to pay the artists for their content, with every transaction being published to the Ethereum blockchain. Once the transaction is confirmed, the funds will subsequently be sent to the artist’s wallet. The artist will be getting every single penny paid, minus a small transaction fee to broadcast the transaction. On Voise, an artist can set their own prices and decide how they want to offer samples to their fans. They can even set up a “donation” system, with a small 30-second clip being available initially and after a donation the entire song becomes available. – Bitcoinist.com http://ift.tt/2nbKjXY

After blockbuster ICO, Bancor takes first step to become ‘YouTube for currency’

Bancor eventually hopes to have thousands, even millions, of cryptocurrencies using its protocol, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Just as YouTube has allowed anyone in the world to create their own broadcasting channel and embed their video anywhere, Bancor allows anyone to create their own cryptocurrency token and operate it independently of a third-party exchange, Bancor cofounder Eyal Hertzog told VentureBeat. – Mo Marshall, VentureBeat http://ift.tt/2uQzDUB