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13 ways to screw over your internet provider

Internet providers are real bastards: they have captive audiences whom they squeeze for every last penny while they fight against regulation like net neutrality and donate immense amounts of money to keep on lawmakers’ good sides. So why not turn the tables? Here are 13 ways to make sure your ISP has a hard time taking advantage of you (and may even put it on the defensive). – Devin Coldewey, Gizmodo » https://ift.tt/2ZJHqTy

YouTuber reportedly shot and killed while filming prank video

Rana Zuhair—who was part of a trio who performed for the Lahori Vines YouTube channel—reportedly was taking part in a video where the YouTubers tried to scare people by acting like a ghost. The newspaper reported that Zuhair approached a family at the park with a white sheet over his head and was shot to death by a family member. – Josh Katzowitz, The Daily Dot http://bit.ly/2ETHari

Charter Cable Doesn’t Want You to See This Political Campaign Ad

Spectrum’s rates have increased significantly in the past year, jumping nearly 40 percent after Charter acquired Time Warner Cable, then rose again in the new year. This has been well reported, if not a point the company was eager to highlight. The company also has particularly high stakes in the New York race, since the legislature recently voted to kick the company out of the state. But do we really want telecom companies having the authority to censor political ads that don’t fit their agenda? – Kaleigh Rogers, MOTHERBOARD https://ift.tt/2vD7Vdt

Netflix CEO: “We Made Mistakes” With Cannes Controversy

“At times we have a reputation as a disruptor, and sometimes we make mistakes,” Hastings said about the ongoing controversy preventing Netflix films from being shown at the festival. “I think we got into a more difficult situation with the Cannes Film Festival than we meant to because, you know, we’re not trying to disrupt the movie system; we are trying to make our members happy. We make our content for them.” – Rhonda Richford, The Hollywood Reporter https://ift.tt/2FEkas0

Ajit Pai faces investigation into moves that benefit Sinclair Broadcasting

The IG will “investigate whether Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and his aides improperly pushed for rule changes to benefit Sinclair Broadcast Group in the company’s attempt to purchase Tribune Media Company,” Frank Pallone Jr.’s office said in a press release today. “The investigation will also look into whether Pai and his aides improperly coordinated with Sinclair on those rule changes.” – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica http://ift.tt/2EJKWTK

Woman jailed after filming herself participating in an orgy online

Lin was sentences to four years in prison on November 23 by the Mianyang People’s Court. In addition, she was fined 100,000 yuan (£11,678). Her computer and mobile phone were confiscated by the authorities. According to the Chinese Criminal Law, a person who ‘produces, duplicates, publishes, sells or disseminates pornographic materials’ shall be sentences to fixed-term imprisonment of no more than three years. – Tracy You, Daily Mail http://ift.tt/2gy343N

The next frontier in television: TVs that watch you back

photo: Alexandre Meneghini, Reuters

[T]hanks to software developed by a media startup called Affectiva. Researchers used viewers’ home webcams to monitor the facial movements of more than 1,200 people as they watched advertisements for sweets, pet supplies and groceries. The model accurately determined whether they enjoyed the video, according to the study published in the peer-reviewed IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing this month. The system could potentially be harnessed by streaming services like Netflix, says Daniel McDuff, Affectiva’s principal scientist. – Olivia Goldhill, Quartz
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