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Pirate IPTV Services Generate Nearly €1 Billion Per Year, EU Study Shows

The research further finds that IPTV piracy is a problem across all EU member states. On average, 3.1% of the EU population access these unauthorized services. This translates to a customer base of 13.7 million users. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/2srhbCz

Amazon, Netflix the biggest buyers of EU films for out of Europe SVOD

The EAO report also showed biggest buyer for EU film titles is Amazon with 3,281 unique titles in its 14-country catalogues, followed by Netflix with 1,816 unique titles for its 20 catalogues. Russian service Ivi and the 3 Chinese services Youku, iQiyi, Tencent Video were the biggest single country services acquiring EU films. – Joseph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News » https://ift.tt/2nDywWt [photo:European Audiovisual Observatory/Ampere Analysis]

Police: Scam Streaming Sites Are Exploiting Internet Users

In return for handing over their names, addresses, credit card and cellphone numbers, users are given a five-day free trial but according to police, this amounts to a so-called “subscription trap”. Buried away in the terms and conditions is a note that if “users do not unsubscribe during the free trial, your account will automatically be upgraded to a one-year premium account.” – Andy, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/2JhHj96

SVOD surges but cord-cutting fails to ignite across Europe

One of the major findings of this new report is that cord-cutting is not taking place right across the board in Europe and is very specific to national markets. Each national market has been and is still shaped by very specific conditions, often exogenous to the pay audiovisual services, including purchasing power, supply of free services, penetration and performance of broadband access and, obviously regulation. – Joseph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News » http://bit.ly/2WHQ70g

European Content Quota for Streaming Services to Be Finalized by End of 2019

European rules give member nations 21 months to incorporate an E.U.-wide directive into their national law. In this case, that means they have until Sept. 19, 2020, which will give the streamers less than a year to meet the quota once the details of it are laid out at the end of 2019. Furthermore, the 2020 date is the outside limit: E.U. countries are free to enforce the directive and its 30% provision before that. – Stewart Clarke, Variety http://bit.ly/2EFPytD

Youtube CEO: it will be impossible to comply with the EU’s new Copyright Directive

Wojcicki considers the example of Youtube’s all-time most popular video, Despacito, which has been cleared for Youtube by its creator, but whose “multiple copyrights” include some works whose proprietors are unknown or disputed. Under Article 13, Youtube would be expected to censor this video and deny the creators involved the opportunity to earn the small fortune in ad revenue that Youtube has paid them, as well as access to the 5.6 billion (!) viewings the video has received. – Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing https://ift.tt/2DhAPnZ

Ofcom to monitor iPlayer expansion

The regulator acknowledges that any move by the BBC might stimulate the market, it fears there is the potential to crowd out investment in UK content from other companies. Under its plans the BBC would make available substantial amounts of content without subscription or advertising, putting pressure on as ITV Hub, All 4, My5 and Now TV. – Julian Clover, Broadband TV News https://ift.tt/2SIxfbH
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