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The best streaming series of 2014

1) High Maintenance: The Web Series: Vimeo’s first investment in an original series might seem like an odd choice: It centers around the daily life of an anonymous weed delivery man in New York City (Ben Sinclair) and his customers.
2) BoJack Horseman: The animated premise might throw some people off, but BoJack’s humor comes from its satire of Hollywood’s fame machine and the washed-up bits of humanity it spits out.
3) Transparent: Jill Soloway has created a show not just about a father transitioning to life as a woman, but a family struggling with their own intimate question marks.
4) The Hotwives of Orlando: Hulu premiered this new faux reality show from Dannah Phirman and Danielle Schneider in July, and while the first couple episodes of their Real Housewives spoof take a while to gain momentum, the last half is actually sort of subversive.
5) Short Poppies: Netflix scooped it up earlier this year and brought season 1 to an American audience, but it was mostly a sleeper hit.
6) Tough Love: While this premise has certainly been done before, Blaire Wendel and Steven Bell’s dialogue is relatable, their struggle to be adults familiar.
7) F to 7th Web Series: This “homoneurotic” series by Ingrid Jungermann features guest stars like Janeane Garofalo and Amy Sedaris, and explores what it means to be gay and “pre-middle age” in New York City. – Audra Schroeder,The Daily Dot
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