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Cord Cutter: Cable Now More Broadband Than TV

While some are warning that the cable broadband vs cable TV inflection point is near, the bean counters at Leichtman Research Group claim it’s already been breached. […] If true, even Leichtman acknowledges the balance has only just tipped with big cable’s broadband subs totaling 49.915 million versus 49.910 million traditional TV subs — a difference of only 5,000 subs. – FairerPlatform

Cable Is Like Smoking: Expensive, Tough to Quit

Trying to cut cable is like trying to quit smoking. You’ve been meaning to do it for years. You know exactly how much money you could save. You’re even getting disapproving looks from that 23-year-old neighbor … you know, the one who thinks it’s a disgusting habit that belongs in a previous century. But you still can’t deny how relaxing it is after a long, stressful day at work. – Ben Taylor, TIME via FairerPlatform http://ift.tt/1pQMUE6

Cord Cutter: Get an HD Antenna, Pay Once, Watch Forever

“The main reason why we’re doing this is to get out of debt. This is one less bill we have to deal with it and are not sacrificing quality,” said Eric Leschinsky, who had previously traded cable for satellite and then finally digital broadcast. From paying $200 every month to a single $200 payment for an HD antenna and then watching forever, done. – fairerplatform http://ift.tt/1n5ypWv