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Terms of the settlement agreement include an agreement to allow Axanar Productions to continue showing Prelude to Axanar commercial-free on YouTube and to allow Axanar Productions to produce the AXANAR feature film as two fifteen-minute segments that can be distributed on YouTube (also without ads) – Jonathan Lane, Fan Film Factor http://ift.tt/2jWnk0S

‘Star Trek’ fan film loses fair use case, moves to jury trial

The filmmakers stood their ground and argued a case of fair use, but ultimately lost. Today, U.S. District Court Judged Gary Klausner ruled that Axanar is just too faithful to Star Trek canon to avoid copyright infringement. […] For Klausner, the case is pretty cut and dry. The work is clearly not a parody, clearly uses the Star Trek brand and, according to the judge, does not qualify as nonprofit because — although it was going to be distributed for free — was intended to drive non-monetary benefits for the creators such as future job opportunities. – Sean Buckley, Engadget http://ift.tt/2iIfmbt

‘Star Trek’ fans take series into new dimension

Star Trek Continues carries on a long tradition of fan fiction that has evolved as digital video and streaming media provided Trekkies with better tools to create and share their own Star Trek stories. More than a dozen full-fledged fan productions have been created since Kirk & Co. officially retired from the big screen. […] Like many fan projects, Trek Continues has used crowdfunding sites to raise money for its productions. – Mike Snider, USA TODAY http://ift.tt/2cg6l5T

STAR TREK CONTINUES plans to make FOUR more full episodes…hopefully

I want to assuage any concerns that our fans may have about the current climate. We fully intend that the kind donations from our supporters will be used for the exact purpose for which they were donated. Star Trek Continues is the only official 501(c)3 non-profit Trek fan production company out there dedicated solely to TREK. We are awaiting further clarification, but I am optimistic about completing our planned series and I would like to ask all of our fans to remain optimistic with us. – Vic Mignogna via Jonathan Lane, FanFilmFactor http://ift.tt/2aHLGWv

Paramount will end its lawsuit against ‘Star Trek’ fan film

Lawyers from Paramount Pictures/CBS have been pursuing the makers of a crowdfunded Star Trek fan film, Axanar, for months, but according to J. J. Abrams, they’re finally going to back off. […] According to Abrams, the movie’s director Justin Lin heard about the lawsuit, was personally troubled as a fan and pushed for a resolution. – Richard Lawler, Engadget
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