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CBS failing with Star Trek

CBS All Access has commericals. CBS not only wants you to pay for their service, they want to make you watch commericals too. To me this is CBS trying to charge for an online service, while still trying to think as an old school network. This is like newspapers complaining that they don’t make any money online when they try to charge for subscriptions for their online editions, that’s just not how it works anymore. Sure there’s a commercial free version of CBS All Access, but it costs even more. – Charles Evans, FanSided http://ift.tt/2fiy0c3

STAR TREK CONTINUES plans to make FOUR more full episodes…hopefully

I want to assuage any concerns that our fans may have about the current climate. We fully intend that the kind donations from our supporters will be used for the exact purpose for which they were donated. Star Trek Continues is the only official 501(c)3 non-profit Trek fan production company out there dedicated solely to TREK. We are awaiting further clarification, but I am optimistic about completing our planned series and I would like to ask all of our fans to remain optimistic with us. – Vic Mignogna via Jonathan Lane, FanFilmFactor http://ift.tt/2aHLGWv