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AOL Enters The Live-Streaming Market With The Revamped Kanvas App

photo: Kanvas, Fast Company

The new app allows users to broadcast live streams to other Kanvas users, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. It is differentiating itself from rivals like Periscope by offering a variety of simple special effects and filters, which can be inserted in video streams in real time. It also gives users a library of stickers and emojis that can be used to embellish broadcasts. – Neal Ungerleider, Fast Company

Roku Keeps Focus On Streaming Channels In Battle Against Apple, Amazon, and Google

photo: Fast Company

With more nearly 3,000 channels—1,000 of which added in the past 12 months—Roku can get very niche. That goes well beyond the granularity of a 250-channel cable package, without the resentment that you don’t watch most of the channels you are paying for. With Roku you get only the ones that matter to you–-some paid, many free, often with ads. That’s the promise of all streamers, but Roku’s selection is vast in comparison to the others. Apple TV, in comparison, currently has about 60 channels, though that’s likely to grow with the new players and app store. – Sean Captain, Fast Company