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Finally! Netflix will now let you turn off the autoplay feature you hate

According to the Netflix help page linked to in that tweet above, here’s what you need to do. First, sign in to Netflix from a web browser. Select “Manage Profiles,” and then choose the profile you want to update (assuming there are multiple profiles on your account, like for multiple family members in a household). Then, simply uncheck the option to “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices,” and voila — you’re done. – Andy Meek, BGR » http://bgr.co/0tANNON


‘BoJack Horseman’ creator shades Netflix, Amazon for dismissing end credits

Over the holiday break, Bob-Waksberg threw shade at his own distributors, Netflix and Amazon, for shrinking end-credits sequences into tiny boxes in order to tease the next program. The showrunner made his stance on the credits issue clear on Twitter, replying to others who were having the same problem. – Christi Carras, LA Times » https://ift.tt/2ZoMo5C [photo: Stevie Van Zandt/Twitter]

Disney Plus now has a Resume button

Disney Plus has added a “resume” button to the streaming service. As of Friday, the button will appear when when you navigate to a series you’re watching, and clicking it will bring you back to the episode you were in the middle of. Prior to the addition, users would have to scroll through the episodes until they found the one they’d gotten up to. – Corinne Reichert, CNET » https://cnet.co/37x6VbM

Hulu Unveils New Pause Ad Experience – Hulu Press Release

Press Release: With Hulu’s new pause ads, advertisers no longer need to interrupt the storytelling experience to get their message in front of the viewer. The pause ad takes advantage of the natural behavior exhibited in streaming TV viewing today. It is non-disruptive and viewer-initiated, and appears when a viewer pauses the content they’re watching… – Jeremy Helfand, Hulu » https://hulu.tv/2TnaPwE

Amazon Fire TV Product Review: Introduce 4K And Alexa Into Your Living Room

Previously only available with Amazon’s Echo wireless speaker, Alexa turns your voice commands into actions, no typing needed: It play videos from Amazon Prime Video and music from Amazon Prime Music, checks the weather and even controls smart home devices such as networked lights. In addition to Alexa, the new Fire TV can play 4K video—quadruple the resolution of HD—and Amazon even has shows available in 4K for you to watch, including Transparent and Bosch. Like the Roku 4 and NVIDIA Shield[.] – Mark Graham, Decider

How to easily create a GIF from any YouTube video

In order to create a GIF, you need to sign in to YouTube, find a video with the feature enabled, click the Share option below the video and then navigate to the GIF tab. A small preview will appear, and you’ll be able to decide which portion of the video you want to turn into a GIF with either a slider or a text box denoting the begin and end times. You can even put text at the top and bottom of the GIF. – Jacob Siegal,BGR
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