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Google Search Apparently Indexes Over 80 Million Torrent Hashes

[Interesting] to note is the number of hashes Google has listed in its search engine. According to Torrentz2, Google is currently able to find 82,085,976 unique torrent hashes. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/2N47Cma

VLC 3.0 Is Here and It’s Packed With New Features

It took VLC years to get here (we were talking about Chromecast support in 2014). But finally, [VLC 3.0] has Chromecast support across all of its platforms. This was well worth the wait because VLC will play all of its supported formats on Chromecast. And that’s a big deal. VLC will transcode your media on your device and then stream it to Chromecast. You can then use the VLC app as a playback controller. – Khamosh Pathak, Make Use Of http://muo.co/2D6ft97
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