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Amazon’s ‘Sneaky Pete’ Expected To Get A Season 3 After Securing California Relocation With TV Tax Credit

The California Film Commission’s latest TV application period, held February 12-16, was open only to relocating series and recurring series already accepted into the program. Overall, along with Sneaky Pete‘s move, the program’s list as of today has 31 recurring TV series in various stages of production and eligible for tax credits depending on whether they are picked up for additional seasons. – Patrick Hipes, Deadline Hollywood http://ift.tt/2FL1WtP

The Omnipotent Wiper App Now Also Streaming Movies

Movies supported by the Wiper streaming program can be shared with friends through messages and comments on their info pages, and the company revealed that 65% of all related revenue will go to their filmmakers via the mentioned built-in bitcoin wallet. Indie movies can be discovered through various categories which can additionally be filtered by length, country of origin, and language. Another cool feature which will probably draw some customers is the fact that 20% of each movie can be streamed to a user’s device completely free of charge. – Dominik Bosnjak, Androidheadlines 

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YouTube Space opens in Mumbai, its 8th video-production hub for creators globally

Similar to its existing studio hubs around the world, the new Mumbai YouTube Space offers courses, equipment, workshops, collaborations, and more. First announced in August, YouTube teamed up with local film school Whistling Woods International (WWI) for the launch, and it’s within WWI’s facilities where YouTube creators will find a 1,400 square foot space just for them. – Paul Sawers, VentureBeat

Canon’s new $30,000 video camera can see where you can’t

photo: Canon

Canon’s new camera can deliver an ISO equivalent of more than 4 million, instantly making it a prime option for people who need to capture footage in super-dark settings — like a moonless night sky. The company believes its ME20F-SH is also great for production companies making films, reality television and documentaries. However, there are some limitations here. It only does 1080p, for one, which doesn’t bode well in terms of being future-proof — Canon says that had to be done to “achieve the highest possible low-light sensitivity,” – Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

YouTube has an 8K video (that almost no one can watch)

The clip’s called Ghost Towns and it’s a slow-panning journey through what looks like a recently abandoned mining settlement. Mountain View told 9to5Google that the 8K label was added earlier this year, but 4320p footage has only appeared pretty recently. The video description notes that Ghost Towns was shot using a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera in portrait orientation and to hit the higher resolution, some of the footage was upscaled or stitched together with Adobe’s After Effects suite. – Timothy J. Seppala, Engadget

‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Was Shot on RED EPIC DRAGON & Actually Finished in 6K

Netflix’s House of Cards, which just aired its third season, has been shooting on RED since the beginning. While the show is just starting to experiment with streaming in Ultra HD (3840 x 2160), since they shot on the Red Epic Dragon in 6K, they were able to create 6K masters of the show (in addition to 4K masters). […] if you’re wondering why you’d want to shoot in 6K in the first place, when you’ve got cameras that have just one sensor, each pixel can only represent one color. Thus, when you Debayer, or interpolate the image to get back the missing information, you’re losing resolved detail. If all things are equal, a 6K image downsampled to 4K should look sharper than a 4K image finished at 4K. – Joe Marine, No Film School 
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7 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Web Series

  1.  Who is your audience? Simple? Yes. Redundant? Perhaps. Tantamount to the success of your series? Absolutely.
  2. Is it your calling card or is it for “the fans”?  One thing people who work on the web tend to underestimate is their personal and professional goals with the show. Where do they want it to wind up?
  3. Cast not only actors who are right for the role, but also ones who move markets At this stage in the game of online video, there are known and trusted “stars” or weblebrities who have loyal fans and fan bases. Many of them, are looking for new ways to increase their brand, build their audience and express themselves creatively.
  4. Create Ancillary Content Remember, “Web TV is NOT TV light.” Just like cable is not TV, and TV was not film, and film was not radio[.]
  5. Plan for the Series, Not Just the Season After you’ve thought about the WHY, it behooves the storyteller to think about the length of the story.
  6. Allot for a Marketing Budget Many industry professionals don’t know when a block-buster movie comes out, that 33% of the ENTIRE budget of the film is spent in PR/Marketing!
  7. Make your series “web friendly” by doing your research The internet is all about freedom, but remember, “Structure sets you free,” so educate yourself on the best practices of digital video production and immerse yourself in its community, culture, and rhythm. – Brian Rodda,indieWIRE

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Magic Lantern Will Develop for Successfully Crowdfunded Apertus Axiom 4K Camera

[T]he [Apertus] project will be receiving the support of the Magic Lantern team. This is huge news, as they have done some amazing work with Canon cameras (and will continue to work on them), and they will likely be able to do far more with Axiom as they’ll have full access to all of the source code. A1ex from ML has said that depending on how the Super 35mm 4K sensor is sampled, it may be capable of a whopping 800fps in 1080p mode, which would be incredible (though this wouldn’t necessarily be something available in the first iteration of the camera as it’s limited by its outputs at the moment). – Joe Marine,No Film School
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1tr93FN )
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