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OpenLoad Shutdown by Anti-Piracy Alliance

Openload was one of the most popular sources for file-hosting. Over the years, it had become a haven to the storage space for tons of pirated video content. Apparently, the site had more traffic than the legit streaming platforms like HBO Go and Hulu. – Patrick, Fire Stick Tricks » https://ift.tt/32aM62e

Philo brings their $16 per month package of 40 channels to the Amazon Fire TV

Philo’s base $16 per month package of 40 channels includes a wide selection of networks. Notably missing are sports channels, like ESPN and Fox Sports, and local broadcast channels, like ABC, NBC, and FOX. Omitting those types of channels is how Philo is able to price their package so low. They also offer a $20 per month package that adds 9 additional channels to the base package, for a total of 49 channels. – AFTVnews https://ift.tt/2N4QbxO

Early Reviews On Fire TV Tough

photo: The Streaming Advisor

A simple check of the reviews for the Fire TV are turning up bad numbers for the new signature product. The theme of the 1 and 2 star reviews which at the time of this writing comprise 54% of the total of 193, appear centered on sound quality such as lack of surround sound support on apps besides Amazon Prime Instant Video, the loss of the optical audio port as well as basic performance issues. There have also been complaints that the 4k quality of non Amazon apps is on a lower scale. – Ryan Michael Downey, The Streaming Advisor