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‘Futurama’ Creators And Cast Return For New Podcast Episode

Created as part of the Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow mobile game, the episode was helmed by Groening, series head writer and executive producer David X. Cohen, and the original team of writers. The new episode features the voices of the original cast and is now live at Nerdist.com, SoundCloud.com, and at Spotify, where it can be downloaded and listened to for free. – Bruce Haring, Deadline Hollywood http://dlvr.it/Plv5QF

Netflix ‘Futurama’ Apocalypse Threatens to Turn r/Futurama_sleepers Into Insomniacs

We have, perhaps, just one more night of this bliss. Saturday, Netflix will be removing seasons 1-6 of Futurama from its catalog (There have been conflicting reports about this; some outlets have reported that only season 6 would be leaving the service. In an email to Motherboard, Netflix confirmed that each of the first six seasons would be leaving the service.) – Jason Koebler, MOTHERBOARD http://ift.tt/2tyzWCK

Futurama’s Cancellation May Only Be Temporary, Here’s Why

Back when Comedy Central decided to bring Futurama back to the world in 2008, it was still something of a rarity for a series to be revived instead of just getting a needless remake. (Not that Futurama is remake-friendly.) But now it seems like almost every well-known cancelled series has at least a decent shot of being brought back by another outlet. Netflix brought Arrested Development back and is doing the same for Longmire. Yahoo! picked up Community for Season 6. And that’s not to mention the networks that pick up other networks’ old shows. – Nick Venable,Cinema Blend 
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