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Game consoles more popular streaming devices than dedicated boxes in U.S.

75 percent of U.S. homes that are connected to broadband internet use game consoles to stream non-game content each week, according to a new research report from analyst firm Parks Associates. 28 percent of broadband-connected homes use consoles as their primary streaming device; Only 12 percent of broadband-equipped homes use a dedicated streaming box such as Roku or Apple TV. – Christian Nutt,Gamasutra
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Could streaming copyrighted content soon be made a felony?

Currently, the penalty for downloading pirated content is a felony, but that is distinct from streaming. In the context of piracy, the distinction makes no sense. It is probably the transient nature of a stream that keeps the penalties distinct. However, with a recommendation from the Justice Department that Congress erase this distinction, we could potentially see legislative action on this front sooner than later. РZachary Strebeck,Gamasutra 
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In-game video streaming and capture come to Raptr

The most recent Raptr update allows users to livestream to Twitch and capture video of themselves playing your games from within the Raptr client, then share them directly to YouTube, social networks and the Raptr community. This is notable because Raptr is one of the world’s best-known PC game companion clients, with millions of accounts worldwide. – Alex Wawro,Gamasutra