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A Netflix For Horror Movies? Midnight Pulp Is New Streaming Service Devoted To Underground Films…

[Midnight Pulp] launched in early December and only features horror movies and related genres, all of which have a touch of cult and gore to them. It is a subscription service, much like Netflix, but there is a two week trial period to see if you really want it or not. After the trial period, the cost is only $5 a month. There will be movies and television shows from all over the world so expect new and weird titles out of various countries to come across your dash if you choose to opt in. The service will steam to multiple devices meaning you can enjoy at home or on the go. Of course, they’re not responsible for the strange looks you’ll get on the bus if you’re watching on your mobile during morning commute. – Donyae Coles,Game N Guide
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Chromecast Announces 7 New Channel Apps; Nickelodeon, Comedy Central And Sesame Street Coming To…

Google announced today (thanks, 9to5Google) that it’s expanding the casting queue for users with its Chromecast dongle with seven new apps. […] Viacom properties Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. […] Also joining the family of Chromecast-compatible apps is Sesame Street Go, […] Four more apps round out the new collection of Chromecast additions. EPIX and ENCORE Play give streamers access to many top movies. YuppTV can bring loads of Indian content to any household. Finally, TuneIn offers access to millions of podcasts and radio stations from around the world. – Connor Sears,Game N GuideĀ 
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PAX Prime Streaming Schedule: Twitch Lets You Keep Up With News, Events Coming Out Of Seattle…

There’s going to be plenty of video game news and events happening this weekend during PAX Prime, which runs from Friday, August 29, until Monday, September 1. Fortunately, several Twitch streams will be dedicated this weekend to keeping you up to date with everything going on in Seattle. Here’s a breakdown of what you can watch and where. Note that all times are in PDT. – Connor Sears,Game & Guide
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