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Blockchain Streaming Platform To Host Hearthstone Tournament Within Days

Play2Live says this is the first-ever Hearthstone contest to be powered by blockchain technology, as well as the “next generation of streaming interactivity” that its platform provides. Eight players have been invited for the tournament, including professional players and popular streamers. The quarter finals kick off at 12am GMT on May 23, followed by the lower bracket finals and semi-finals on May 24. It all builds up to the grand final on May 25. – Connor Blenkinsop, Cointelegraph. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News https://ift.tt/2rYyAzg

The cord-cutter’s guide to legally watching the NFL

The NFL is more accessible than ever, and watching games in 2017 will be easy and inexpensive. You won’t have to stay glued to your television to watch Week 17’s Packers-Lions showdown; you’ll be able to take the game with you on your phone, tablet, or laptop. With several options at hand, there’s no reason why Sunday can’t be dedicated to the gridiron. – Adam Stites, SB Nation http://ift.tt/2eJVdkf

Report: YouTube Live will launch in 2015 with focus on game streaming

[A] Tuesday report alleging that Google’s YouTube arm is moving ahead with a game-streaming backup plan. The Daily Dot, quoting “sources within the streaming industry,” reported that a “new-look YouTube Live” will launch in the foreseeable future, and that service will target live gaming and e-sports content in particular. As proof of its seriousness, YouTube has already hired over 50 streaming-savvy engineers, the report said, and it hinted to “promotions and partnerships” designed to encourage more e-sports viewing on the main YouTube site. – Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica

This is Nvidia Shield: a closer look at the 4K Android TV game console

The $199 console itself, coming this May, embodies Nvidia’s design language — sharp edges, a mix of gloss and matte black, a green glow that “cracks” through the front of the system. (The controller, on the other hand, feels like the opposite of all that.) Nvidia has made a lot of promises with the capabilities, and we won’t know how well it’ll make good on those promises until we try it ourselves. – Ross Miller, The Verge
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Could Nvidia Win Big With A GRID Game Streaming Box?

NVIDIA’s past business may have relied heavily on both its own graphics card sales, as well as licensing of said tech, but more and more, it will see bigger benefits from providing the power behind the remote servers that will undergird a distributed computing future. With gaming, the potential for streamed services is perhaps even more immediately apparent than for other uses of said tech, so it’s only natural that Nvidia would try to lead in this area. Whereas just a few years ago it was still impractical to make this real (OnLive’s inability to build a truly successful business on a streaming games service is evidence of this), Nvidia has waited, developed its own service and paid attention to when conditions were right. – Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch
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Nintendo making Mii smartphone app; not interested in games

For anyone who might’ve been hoping to see a Pokémon battle game or a Super Mario endless runner, this week’s release of the New Nintendo 3DS should put those hopes to rest. [President Satoru Iwata,Nintendo] confirmed, saying that “I have opposed making smartphone and tablet versions of Nintendo titles; prices for content aimed at smartphones and tablets are falling quickly. I am still wary of the category.” – Eric Frederiksen, TechnoBuffalo
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OUYA confirms further moves into China with Alibaba deal

OUYA says its game service will arrive on Alibaba’s Tmall set-top box, which apparently already has streaming options for more robust games (the press release calls out soccer game Winning Eleven 2014 and fighting game Street Fighter 4). As far as control is concerned, there’s no mention of OUYA shipping its gamepad to China — OUYA reps tell us the company isn’t shipping a controller to China, and that Alibaba sells its own for the Tmall set-top box. – Ben Gilbert, Engadget 
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PC-to-Xbox One Game Streaming Has To Happen, And Will Accelerate The Death Of Steam Machines

Xbox One to PC streaming – a feature already announced by Microsoft for Windows 10 — is an awesome perk. But let’s not kid ourselves, we want the reverse to be true. We want that two-way synergy between our Windows-based console and our Windows PC. And if $99 Android boxes can stream your entire PC game library, there is absolutely no technical reason Microsoft can’t implement streaming of your PC games to Xbox One. Especially if they want to secure their place as the focus of the living room. – Jason Evangelho, Forbes 
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Microsoft To Bring Xbox One Game Streaming to Windows 10 Devices Later This Year

Microsoft wants to make your Xbox one a local game server for all your Windows 10 devices, the company announced today. Xbox lead Phil Spencer showed off the new feature on stage today in Seattle at Microsoft’s special event, playing Forza Motorsport on Xbox One and streaming it to a Surface 3 where he controlled and viewed it remotely. – Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch
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