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European travelers can now watch Netflix like they’re at home

If you live in the European Union, your holidays just became a little more enjoyable. The EU’s long-promised digital media portability rules have taken effect as of April 1st, letting residents access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other paid digital media services in other member countries as if they were still at home. – Jon Fingas, Engadget https://engt.co/2q0dBKy

EU Parliament bans geoblocking, exempts Netflix and other streaming services

The move is set to widen access to many online services, including shopping and car rentals, within the European Union, where many companies continue to use geoblocking to restrict their content nationally. But copyrighted material, including video streaming platforms, computer games and e-books, are exempt, a decision Europe’s primary consumer rights organizations has sharply criticized. – DW News http://ift.tt/2seZkOI

The Best VPNs for Netflix

When computers attempt to divine your physical location on the internet, they typically do it by looking at your IP address. These identifiers are divvied up by geographic location, and can be remarkably close to where you are actually sitting when you use the web. Thus, changing your IP address with a VPN also changes where you appear to be located, as far as a computer is concerned. Think of it as astral projection for the internet. – Max Eddy, PCMag http://ift.tt/2tD2UyS

Half of UK VPN users aim to avoid geo-blocking

YouGov’s data reveals that over four in ten VPN users (44%) use the service for extra security, while 37% do so to gain extra privacy. A quarter (24%) say the reason for their use is to be able to access sites that are blocked at home or work, while the same percentage (24%) do so to stop or reduce the amount of personalised adverts they see. Finally, 19% do so to decrease spam. – Broadband TV News http://ift.tt/2sdd1JW

45,000 People Ask Netflix to Stop VPN Crackdown

This broad blocking policy has sparked wide protests and 44,446 Internet users have signed a petition launched by digital rights group OpenMedia, which asks Netflix to stop the VPN crackdown. Today, OpenMedia sent a letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, delivering this message. The letter starts off by saying that the petition signers all love Netflix, but that they don’t like how the company handles their privacy. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak

As Netflix says ‘no’ to streaming abroad, viewers skirt the rules … or leave

Here’s the thing: What the VPN providers are doing isn’t illegal. This isn’t breaking the law, much though it may seem like it. Copyright violations aren’t criminal law. It’s not illegal to watch The Revenant in Romania, although 20th Century Fox sure hasn’t licensed that right to Netflix. Companies like NordVPN make a stronger case than just the law, however, arguing that it’s all about freedom. Yours. Americas. The Internet. All of that stuff. – Jermey Kaplan, Digital Trends

Hulu Blocks Pre-Paid Credit Cards

You may be wondering why Hulu would block them, and the reason is simple: many people use pre-paid credit cards to purchase Hulu when they do not live within the United States. Pre-paid credit cards rarely confirm the used address is real, which allows people to get around the GEO lock on credit cards many services like Hulu use. Now you can still use a gift card if you are someone who does not have a bank account, and you want access to Hulu. You can find gift cards at most major stores, like Walmart and Best Buy, and even places like Amazon. – Cord Cutters News
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