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Amazon Prime 4K Streaming Finally Coming—and Subscribers Won’t Pay Extra

Amazon.com, along with a few other companies, promised it would offer the next-generation video for compatible Ultra HD TVs back at CES in January. But even as Ultra HD TV prices have dropped to as low as $1,000, streaming 4K content has been hard to come by. Netflix was the first to arrive on Ultra HD TVs in the spring, yet it now has only about a dozen movies and TV shows available for subscribers. And recently the company began charging an extra $4 on top of the monthly $8 subscription for the 4K service. Amazon says that if you subscribe to its $99-per-year Prime service, streaming in 4K won’t cost you any more. But it may require an update to the built-in Amazon Instant Video app on your Ultra HD TV. – Geoffrey A. Fowler,The Wall Street Journal 
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The latest, best ways to get rid of cable TV, including testing a new Slingbox

Today about 19% of American TV households live without cable, according to market research firm GfK Many holdouts are haunted by doubts: How will I watch live sports? Without HBO, how will I know why everyone is talking about some mother of dragons? Going without cable—or at least with considerably less of it—is easier than you think. Last week, I sliced my bill from $212 to $75 without giving up the stuff I really watch. Yes, cable and satellite companies lock away some content for subscribers. But you don’t have to be an online pirate to see what you want. – Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Wall Street Journal http://ift.tt/1nGfJkD