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New Report Looks at U.S. Streaming, Finds Pandora the Clear Leader

The U.S. music streaming market can be broken down into three segments: the leader, the followers and the laggards. (Neither Edison Research nor Triton Digital named those segments, by the way.) Pandora is the clear leader. It has the highest brand awareness (75 percent) and the highest monthly usage (45 percent). […] Three services qualify as followers: iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio and Spotify. iHeartRadio ranks third in brand awareness (59%) and second in usage (17%). iTunes Radio climbed to second in brand awareness (72%) in fewer than two years and ranks third in brand usage (16%). Spotify brand awareness ranks behind two laggards (41%) — one an e-commerce giant — but ranks fourth in brand usage (13%) and has by far the best numbers of an on-demand subscription service. – Glenn Peoples, Billboard
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Nielsen Music’s Year-End: Streaming Is Not Killing the Record Business

Purchases aren’t the entire story. On-demand streaming rose 54 percent to 164 billion songs, according to Nielsen Music. That increase of 57.5 billion tracks is equivalent to an increase in album sales of 56.1 million units — a number that exceeds the decline in track-equivalent albums (or TEA, a combination of album and track sales) of 47.9 million units. There were actually more streaming gains in 2014. Not included in the streams tracked by Nielsen Music are non-interactive digital services like Pandora and Sirius XM. This is a big chunk of money. The growth in Pandora’s royalties to rights holders in the 12 months ended September 30th is equivalent to about 16.3 million album sales. – Glenn Peoples, Billboard
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Is Another Tech Bubble Forming Around Music Streaming?

Financial information, although scarce, shows that these companies continue to lose money as they grow. Pandora, a publicly traded company, lost $11.7 million on revenues of $218.9 million in the second quarter. Rhapsody, the on-demand streaming service, posted a loss of $4.7 million on revenues of $42.4 million in the second quarter. Aspiro Group’s music service, WiMP, lost $1.5 million on revenue of $6.9 million in spite of having 580,000 paying users. […] The situation is not totally hopeless, however. Music streaming services are growing. Consumers are warming to the concept of paying to access music. And the products are continuously improving. Today’s subscription services are far better than products available just 2 or 3 years ago, and they’re light-years ahead of the offerings a decade ago. With growth comes a better chance to eventually, some day, turn a profit. – Glenn Peoples,Billboard
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Streaming Accounted for 63% of Danish Revenues in First Half of Year

Streaming represented 63 percent of Danish recorded music revenue, an increase from 45 percent last year. Digital downloads’ share of revenue declined to 19 percent from 29 percent. Revenue from physical products — CDs and vinyl LPs — declined to 18 percent of revenues from 26 percent a year earlier. […] Other streaming-heavy countries in Scandanavia have had similar gains in the first half of the year. In Sweden, the home of Spotify and the country with the quickest embrace of music subscription services, streaming revenues grew 12 percent and accounted for 81 percent of all recorded music revenue. In Norway, streaming revenues increased about 16 percent and accounted for 77 percent of recorded music revenues. – Glenn Peoples,Bilboard
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Meet ROK Mobile, a Slightly Different On-Demand Streaming Service from a Tequila Billionaire

ROK Mobile is the first service to use a new Gracenote product, the Rhythm API, which allows for highly personalized streaming radio and powers the Mood Grid, a feature that allows the listener to fine-tune a station based on mood. […] ROK Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, a mobile service that doesn’t own the wireless infrastructure that provides services to its customers. ROK Mobile will launch on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks. – Glenn Peoples, Billboard http://ift.tt/1nLMLeU