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‘The Interview’ Makes $40 Million Online and On-Demand

“The Interview” has generated over $40 million in rentals and sales, Sony Pictures reports. In addition, “The Interview” has been rented or purchased online and through cable, satellite, and telecom providers more than 5.8 million times from Wednesday, December 24, 2014 through Sunday, January 18, 2015. […] “We always said that we would get the movie to the greatest audience possible,” said [CEO Michael Lynton]. “Achieving over $40 million in digital sales is a significant milestone.” – Brent Lang, Variety
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‘The Interview’ Scores $31M In VOD Sales For Sony

Cable, satellite, and telecom VOD numbers are in for Sony’s The Interview, and surprise! Seth Rogen and James Franco’s controversial comedy “is Sony Pictures’ #1 online film of all time,” the studio trumpeted today. While Sony’s limited theatrical release brought in $5 million, The Interview notched a whopping $31 million with 4.3 million transactions from film rentals and sales between December 24 and January 4. All hail the new distribution future? – Jen Yamato, Deadline Hollywood
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‘The Interview’ Tumbles at Box Office as VOD, Streaming Expand

“The Interview” now available on virtually every major cable, satellite and online platform, it doesn’t make sense to apply typical box-office logic when assessing the commercial success of the film. The more significant figure last weekend was the $15 million that the R-rated comedy grossed in online rentals and sales. Sony elected to make the film available at several streaming sites the day before its Christmas Day theatrical debut. This weekend’s grosses from VOD and streaming numbers are likely to be released in the next few days, but expect them to be significantly larger than the box office. – Todd Cunningham,The Wrap
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RPT-As ‘Interview’ takes streaming plunge, Hollywood tests waters

The experiment, a last-ditch effort by the unit of Sony Corp to keep “The Interview” alive despite a cyberattack on the studio and threats to movie theaters, has shown the technology works and people like it.
That outcome could embolden studios to shorten wait times between theatrical release and VOD and put more small films on same-day distribution. New platforms could muscle their way into movie streaming after seeing a relative VOD novice such as Google’s YouTube Movies score with “The Interview.” – Eric Kelsey & Lisa Richwine,Reuters

Sony fights spread of stolen data by using “bad seed” attack on torrents

According to a source at Sony that spoke with Re/code, the company was using Amazon Web Services to run hundreds of virtual machines and distribute fake file versions to disrupt the Guardians of Peace (GoP) file dumps. That is supported by analysis from security firm Adallom, which tracks the signature of files on torrent streams and other sources in order to watch for data breaches from client companies. […] The method is similar to a controversial approach taken by the now-defunct company MediaGuard, which contracted with entertainment companies to spread bogus copies of files across torrent sites and other filesharing streams to disrupt online piracy of songs and videos. “They’re seeding the underground market with false content to make it harder for people to get real movies and songs,” [VP Tal Klein,Adallom] said. “It’s not meant to punish anyone—just to make it hard enough to get the real files that it’s a high enough opportunity cost that people go out and pay to download a legitimate copy.” – Sean Gallagher,Ars Technica
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Now the FBI is investigating whether North Korea leaked Annie

Now the FBI is getting involved, joining private cybersecurity firms and other law enforcement to find out who would dare to cross both the producers of Annie and whatever power metal band from whom they stole that totally extreme red skeleton design. Sony’s best guess at the moment is North Korea, which the studio claims hacked its computers in retaliation for making The Interview in a scenario that sounds like marketers making cyber-lemonade but might have some sort of basis in reality. (Perhaps tellingly, The Interview was not among the movies stolen from Sony’s servers—the seemingly random list includes Fury, Annie, Mr. Turner, Still Alice, and To Write Love On Her Arms.) – Katie Rife,The A.V. Club  
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Several Sony Films Leak Online After Hack Attack

Annie and Fury are among the pirated Sony titles that have seen a surge in downloads since the Monday hack by a group calling itself Guardians of Peace, according to TorrentFreak. The hack disabled Sony’s email and additional electronic systems, with some of the company’s employees regaining use of their email accounts on Saturday. Following the leak, Fury, which is still in theaters after opening Oct. 17, had become the second-most downloaded film on file-sharing site Pirate Bay. – Ryan Gajewski,The Hollywood Reporter