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Cord cutters are loaded with TV streaming options – here’s everything you need to know

If you subscribe to all these packages, it will cost you $60.25 per month. This is a lot of money and if your TV watching habits extend across a huge variety of stations, then a traditional cable bundle might make sense. However, if you’re just into HBO or if you don’t mind waiting for shows to hit Netflix or if you want to subscribe to Sling TV just for Mad Men and then cancel it once it’s off the air… then cord cutting makes sense for you. – Brad Reed, BGR
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Install TVMC for Android

If you’re looking to watch movies, television, and whatever else your heart desires, without having to manually configure a thing, TVMC for Android is what you need. You’ll find TVMC to be the easiest out of the box Kodi-based solution available. You install it and it works right away, no mess, no fuss, nothing else to do but watch all you can watch. – TV ADDONS  
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8 Sites for Finding Netflix TV Shows and Movies

Trying to find movies and Netflix TV shows from their browser is not always easy. Netflix will actually limit what you see based on past choices and watched preferences. The following websites give you access to the entire Netflix library of videos and will make finding all their content much easier. Let’s have a look at these lucky 8 Netflix developers and learn a little more about them and see how their websites can help you find and watch more great TV shows and Movies on Netflix and also with other streaming service providers. – MkvXstream – Join the Cable Cutting Revolution
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The latest, best ways to get rid of cable TV, including testing a new Slingbox

Today about 19% of American TV households live without cable, according to market research firm GfK Many holdouts are haunted by doubts: How will I watch live sports? Without HBO, how will I know why everyone is talking about some mother of dragons? Going without cable—or at least with considerably less of it—is easier than you think. Last week, I sliced my bill from $212 to $75 without giving up the stuff I really watch. Yes, cable and satellite companies lock away some content for subscribers. But you don’t have to be an online pirate to see what you want. – Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Wall Street Journal http://ift.tt/1nGfJkD