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How the world’s greatest hand-fart musician captivated millions on YouTube

photo: J. Longo, The Kernel

[Gerry Phillips] uploaded his first video on Sept. 14, 2006, under the username “Gunecologist,” which is apt, since he works at White’s Gun Shop in Waterford, Michigan, a store his father bought in 1972. His first upload was a two-minute performance that he titled, in lower case, “manualist plays joy on his hands.” […] Over time, his recordings became more complex. Posted in March 2007, “Linus and Lucy (Peanuts Theme)” shows Phillips multitracking, and the result is a curious symphony of sound. His take on The Legend of Zelda theme relied on two Digitech guitar pedals—a whammy and a synth wah—to produce some extraordinary tones. That April he published “a manualist’s tutorial or how to handfart!,” which marked the first time he’d had spoken to the camera. “I don’t know what else to tell you except try, and try, and try,” he said near the end of the five-minute video. “I’ve been doing this for 37 years. – Andrew McMillen, The Kernel