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Hackers Up Attacks On Media, Showbiz

photo: Deadline Hollywood

Computer hackers’ efforts to penetrate and disrupt media and entertainment networks were up sharply in the quarter that ended June 30, major Internet security company Verisign reported. – Kinsey Lowe, Deadline Hollywood

Why Were Plans for a 2.5-Mile Anonymizing Wi-Fi Extender ‘Proxyham’ Killed?

photo: Benjamin Caudill

photo: Benjamin Caudill

[Benjamin Caudill,Rhino Security Labs] was expected to release the code for Proxyham, as well as show off a prototype, at the hacking conference Def Con in Las Vegas next month. But over the weekend, due to mysterious circumstances, the talk at Def Con got cancelled, and the development of ProxyHam was shuttered. To make matters even murkier, Caudill said he is unable to talk about what happened, suggesting he might have been pressured to kill Proxyham. – Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, MOTHERBOARD