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YouTuber puts out Halloween candy for kids on the honor system, catches parents ruining it.

photo: Youtube/Internetlazers, Someecards

YouTuber InternetLasers learned when a trip out of town on Halloween meant they wouldn’t be able to hand out candy. Not wanting to disappoint the local children, InternetLasers put out full-sized candy bars on a table outside their home with the note “Help yourself, but be considerate!” A hidden camera captured who actually followed this instruction[.] – Johnny McNulty, Someecards

23 Of The Best Horror Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

The great thing about Netflix is that you have thousands of movies on demand whenever you want. You bad thing about it is that there are so many, it’s hard to find the good ones when they’re often surrounded by subpar films that aren’t worth your time. Horror is especially frustrating because the poster will look fantastic, but within 30 seconds you feel like you’re watching a film your nephew made for a school project. To help you wade through your queue as efficiently as possible, here are 23 solid horror movies available on Netflix right now. – Rob Fee,Thought Catalog

  1. The Woman
  2. Let The Right One In
  3. Contracted
  4. You’re Next
  5. Evil Dead II
  6. Event Horizon
  7. World War Z
  8. Detention
  9. The House of the Devil
  10. VHS 2
  11. American Mary
  12. The Possession
  13. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
  14. Grave Encounters
  15. Darkness Falls
  16. The Horde
  17. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
  18. The Caller
  19. Silent House
  20. Creep Show 2
  21. Stitches
  22. The Blair Witch Project
  23. Hellraiser 

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13 Scary Movies Available For Streaming Before Halloween

Halloween is coming. Time to set about planning what sexy “Frozen” character you are going to dress up as and start watching scary movies. The “horror movie” genre page on Netflix is pretty crowded, but there’s enough quality stuff buried in there. No need to get your nightmares from something random like “Return Of The Killer Tomatoes.” Here’s a nice mix of campy, classic and just plain terrifying stuff available to stream right now.

– Lauren Duca,The Huffington Post  (Full Story: http://ift.tt/1rWCLVk )