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How to create a personalized, cable-free TV channel

Sure, I can watch favorite shows on DVD, but that’s sort of become pain, and there’s not enough room on any DVR for the amount of content I want. So, I took a different route: I created my own TV channel that plays what I want, when I want, and without commercials, discs, or weird DVR programming schedules. All it took was my Windows PC, some free software, and an unhealthy obsession for my favorite TV shows. Here’s how I did it. – Mike Wehner,The Daily Dot


 The programs you’ll need:

  • VLC: A fantastic free media player that can handle virtually any type of file
  • HandBrake: For ripping content off of your DVDs
  • Task Scheduler / Notepad: These come built-in on Windows. (If you’re still using XP, you’re out of luck. Also, why?)

(Full Story: http://ift.tt/159VKop )