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Spotify has been quietly killing your SSD’s life for months

Ars Technica was able to replicate the problem, discovering that the app wrote anywhere from 5GB to 10GB of data in less than an hour, even when left in idle. Leaving Spotify running for periods longer than a day results in data writes amounting to 700GB. – Chris Smith, BGR http://ift.tt/2fCvYzz

Samsung Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device review: Slightly buggy

Samsung’s wireless hard drive holds 1.5TB of files and streams most of them well. But there’s no iOS or Windows Phone app, and it choked on our high bit-rate MKV test. […] The Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device (WMMSD), streams audio, images, and video via its integrated Wi-Fi hotspot. Stream around the campfire, as it were. Unfortunately, the firmware exhibited some rough edges during my hands-on that need to be smoothed before I can recommend it. – Jon L. Jacobi, PCWorld  http://ift.tt/1mk4WwY