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Why Streaming Movies Are Becoming the New Direct-To-Video

photo: All Creatures Big and Small

It would be easy to brush off the streaming debut as just a publicity stunt for a household name with deep pockets. But increasingly, mid-level films that might have once gone straight to DVD are now targeting streaming services as their release platforms. […] DVD is unlikely to go away. But with a full 40 percent of American households subscribe to a streaming service (up more than five percentage points from last year, according to Nielsen), so digital distribution can make sound financial sense. We’ve come a long way since Ed Burns’ “Purple Violets” was the first national-level film to independently distribute digitally on iTunes in 2007. – Heather Newman, Forbes

How Streaming Made CBS Not Just for Seniors Any More

photo: CBS Broadcasting Inc

“For us, it’s about consumer choice and scale,” [Marc DeBevoise,CBS] said. “We’re committed to offering our fans the content they want wherever and whenever they want it as long as it can be fully monetized in a way that augments our other content windows and maximizes our business.” – Heather Newman, Forbes