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‘High Maintenance’ Pot Dealer Web Comedy Moves To HBO With Series Order

Vimeo’s web comedy series High Maintenance: The Web Series is crossing over to TV with a six-episode order by HBO. Additionally, the premium cable network will make the existing 19 episodes of the show available later this year on HBO, HBO NOW and HBO GO. […] [Ben Sinclair] and [Katja Blichfeld] released the initial episodes of High Maintenance free of charge. Video-sharing site Vimeo then partnered with duo to release Season 2 exclusively for the Vimeo On Demand platform as Vimeo’s first ever original series. Since its 2014 debut, High Maintenance has become one of the all-time top-selling releases for Vimeo On Demand, and also has garnered strong reviews. The High Maintenance web series also earned Blichfeld and Sinclair a WGA award for their episode “Rachel.” – Nellie Andreeva, Deadline Hollywood

The best streaming series of 2014

1) High Maintenance: The Web Series: Vimeo’s first investment in an original series might seem like an odd choice: It centers around the daily life of an anonymous weed delivery man in New York City (Ben Sinclair) and his customers.
2) BoJack Horseman: The animated premise might throw some people off, but BoJack’s humor comes from its satire of Hollywood’s fame machine and the washed-up bits of humanity it spits out.
3) Transparent: Jill Soloway has created a show not just about a father transitioning to life as a woman, but a family struggling with their own intimate question marks.
4) The Hotwives of Orlando: Hulu premiered this new faux reality show from Dannah Phirman and Danielle Schneider in July, and while the first couple episodes of their Real Housewives spoof take a while to gain momentum, the last half is actually sort of subversive.
5) Short Poppies: Netflix scooped it up earlier this year and brought season 1 to an American audience, but it was mostly a sleeper hit.
6) Tough Love: While this premise has certainly been done before, Blaire Wendel and Steven Bell’s dialogue is relatable, their struggle to be adults familiar.
7) F to 7th Web Series: This “homoneurotic” series by Ingrid Jungermann features guest stars like Janeane Garofalo and Amy Sedaris, and explores what it means to be gay and “pre-middle age” in New York City. – Audra Schroeder,The Daily Dot
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Is Vimeo The New Netflix? Streaming Service Invests In ‘High Maintenance’ Web Series

Vimeo is known throughout the web as the upscale YouTube. But the streaming service is taking things up a notch by investing in paid programs like the critically acclaimed web series High Maintenance. This move is now being seen as an attempt to enter the highly competitive paid streaming market. – Michael Dolce,The Inquisitr
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