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Warning: You should be using a VPN service to protect your privacy, but not this one

Hola has apparently been selling its users’ bandwidth for a variety of reasons, including malware and spam distribution, opening their devices to third-parties that could easily access those connections without a user’s knowledge. The service, available on Android as an app and on desktop as a browser plugin, lets users disguise their true IP addresses and keep their traffic private. VPNs also let people access services that wouldn’t normally be available in their region, such as Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming sites. – Chris Smith, BGR

Hola VPN Sells Users’ Bandwidth, Founder Confirms

One of the most popular free VPN/geo-unblocking solutions on the planet is operated by Israel-based Hola Better Internet. It can be added to most popular browsers in seconds and has an impressive seven million users on Chrome alone. Overall the company boasts 46 million users of its service. Now, however, the company is facing accusations from 8chan message board operator Fredrick Brennan. He claims that Hola users’ computers were used to attack his website without their knowledge, and that was made possible by the way Hola is setup. – Andy, TorrentFreak

Netflix testing VPN, proxy blocking tools

It appears Netflix may now be testing ways to meet the studios demands, with TorrentFreak reporting today that users of TorGuard — an anonymous proxy and VPN service — have recently encountered error messages when using Netflix stating that they had been blocked due to VPN or proxy usage. However in a statement to Engadget, the company says there are “no changes” to the way it handles users in countries where Netflix isn’t officially available. So far, Google Chrome extensions such as Hola Better Internet are still available and functional. It’s unclear if Netflix is targeting this particularly popular extension to access U.S. Netflix. – Brenton Currie, Digital Journal
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Foxtel’s Presto Movie Streaming Service Is Now Cheaper Than Netflix

Presto is a great movie streaming service, but up until now it was a little expensive. At $19.99 per month for access to an admittedly large back catalogue of archive movies and a fair few new releases, it was a bit pricey but justifiable; at the new $9.99 monthly cost it is totally worth it […] As for that outrageous “cheaper than Netflix” claim? Stand by for a bit of slightly creative accounting. Netflix costs US$8.99 per month, right? — at today’s exchange rate that’s $9.67 per month; a VPN like UnoTelly or Getflix will cost you around $50 a year, very roughly $4.17 per month. Add those together and you have a monthly fee of around $13.74, far and away more expensive than the $9.99 that Presto is asking. Of course, if you’re already paying for a VPN anyway, or if you’re using a free service like Hola, this argument is moot. – Campbell Simpson, Gizmodo Australia http://ift.tt/1uT07vr