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Hilton Adds Free Showtime Streaming To Connected Rooms

The hotel chain is extending its Connected Room technology launched last year so that hotel guests can use the Hilton Honors app to control lighting, temperature and television entertainment, including complimentary access to a library of Showtime shows completely on demand. No credentials or subscription will be required, and the service will come via a new application developed for Connected Room, according to an announcement by Hilton. – Chuck Martin, MediaPost https://ift.tt/2JFyR0q

More hotels will let you watch your own Netflix

An interactive content provider called Sonifi Solutions first launched StayCast as Sonicast in April 2016. The service has only recently become more available, though, thanks to the company’s various partnerships. Back in April, hotel chain titan Hyatt revealed that StayCast now comes integrated with the World of Hyatt mobile app. In fact, 14 Hyatt locations already offer the service, which means you can use the hotel’s app to watch your favorite shows on the in-room TV at any of them, including Hyatt Regency New Orleans. – Mariella Moon, Engadget http://engt.co/2rGnCMG

Enseo Adds Streaming Services, Alert Systems to Hotels

photo: Enseo

photo: Enseo

Every room in the New York Marriott East Side is already equipped with Enseo’s streaming boxes. In fact, it’s standard for Marriot hotels now, so if you go to one you might be able to plug in your personal account info, be greeted by the familiar Netflix interface, […] Crackle, Hulu, Pandora, and YouTube are also available through the set-top box’s menu. […] Enseo and Marriot hope to expand the streaming boxes to 100 hotels by the end of the year, and nearly all of Marriot’s 300-plus U.S. locations by late 2016. – Timothy Torres, PCMag

Court: FTC can sue companies for failing to protect customer data

photo: SlashGear

Wyndham Worldwide Corp. must face a case against it from the Federal Trade Commission, a US appeals court has ruled. The case is in regards to Wyndham’s alleged failure to protect its customers’ data. In both 2008 and 2009, Wyndham suffered three cyberattacks that ultimately left in excess of 619,000 card accounts vulnerable. Many consumers were then hit with fraudulent charges after the Russian hackers behind the breach disseminated the stolen information. – Brittany Hillen, SlashGear

Netflix, Marriott Partnering to Bring Online Streaming to Hotel Rooms

The online streaming service unveiled a partnership with Marriott Hotels on Wednesday to bring its TV shows and movies to the chain’s more than 300 hotels in the U.S. […] The partnership means Marriott guests will be able to sign into their accounts through a Netflix app on hotel-room TVs. […] The service requires some rejiggering of the Netflix app to allow guests to stay signed in over multiple days and wipe their information clean after they check out. The companies plan to roll out the service over the next year and a half, targeting implementation at nearly all of its hotels by the end of 2016. – Chelsey Dulaney, The Wall Street Journal

Marriott Deploys Netflix & Pandora to Hotel TVs

As promised back in January, Marriott Hotels has started deploying a suite of streaming applications to their Enseo set-tops and televisions… and Cord Cutters News has gone hands-on. Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu Plus and Crackle are available at select higher-end Marriot properties and it’s believed the plan is to expand to more and more diverse properties. – Dave Zatz, Zatz Not Funny http://ift.tt/1e7PUsb

Amazon Fire TV update includes support for streaming in hotels and dorm rooms

Amazon.com this morning announced a series of updates for its Fire TV set-top box and Fire TV Stick, including a new feature that will allow the streaming devices to work over WiFi in hotels, dorm rooms and other networks that require special web authentication before getting online. […] The updates are Amazon’s latest move to compete with the likes of Roku and Google’s Chromecast in the market for streaming media devices. – Todd Bishop, GeekWire
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Marriott Testing Netflix, Hulu In-Room Streaming to HDTVs at 8 Hotels

Hotel chain Marriott International is kicking the tires on an in-room entertainment service that lets guests stream Netflix, Hulu and Pandora on high-definition TVs […] So far, the trial is limited to eight locations, which is just a drop in the bucket given that Marriott Hotels & Resorts operates 3,900 properties in 72 countries. It’s not clear at this point if the test will move forward with a broader launch. And, of course, hotel visitors can typically access services like Netflix using their own devices via in-room Internet service. – Todd Spangler, Variety
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Pay-per-view out, content streaming in at valley hotels

Hotel industry insiders say upgrading broadband capabilities and switching out equipment is costly and this is one reason hotels have not moved more quickly to offer in-room streaming services. However, it’s clearly a trend and the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs is already looking at other technology changes like key-less room entry, where guests access their rooms via their smart phone, as well as using the in-room mobile device to control everything from lights to drapes. – Skip Descant, Desert Sun http://ift.tt/1qLpQa4