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Netflix Pulls Plug On ‘House Of Cards’ Next Year After Kevin Spacey Sexual Advances Claims

Coming just over 12-hours after the Star Trek: Discovery star first made public his allegations on October 29 of what happened at a party at Kevin Spacey’s NYC apartment back in the mid-1980s, [Netflix] made the decision today sources tell us. Key cast and creatives were alerted this morning. – Dominic Patten, Deadline Hollywood http://ift.tt/2ig5Oom

Netflix sets up Frank Underwood campaign headquarters in South Carolina

[S]etting up in Greenville was also a strategic move to tie into the show’s main character. In House of Cards, Underwood’s hometown is Gaffney, South Carolina, roughly a 45 minute drive away on a major highway. According to the organizers of the event, the campaign headquarters was created in California and shipped out to Greenville prior to this weekend’s Republican debate. – Mike Flacy, Digital Trends

‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Was Shot on RED EPIC DRAGON & Actually Finished in 6K

Netflix’s House of Cards, which just aired its third season, has been shooting on RED since the beginning. While the show is just starting to experiment with streaming in Ultra HD (3840 x 2160), since they shot on the Red Epic Dragon in 6K, they were able to create 6K masters of the show (in addition to 4K masters). […] if you’re wondering why you’d want to shoot in 6K in the first place, when you’ve got cameras that have just one sensor, each pixel can only represent one color. Thus, when you Debayer, or interpolate the image to get back the missing information, you’re losing resolved detail. If all things are equal, a 6K image downsampled to 4K should look sharper than a 4K image finished at 4K. – Joe Marine, No Film School 
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1NLvzqj )

Netflix had House of Cards’ third season made in 6K

Netflix has been quick to support 4K streaming of its original content, and it looks like it’s already thinking about the future. According to The Hollywood Reporter, season three of House of Cards was shot and finished in 6K — even though it’s only streaming in 4K. Netflix apparently even had the show’s visual effects shots completed that way, which is reportedly quite rare. Because of the large file sizes associated with these extremely high-resolution productions, they’re typically more difficult and more costly to handle. The Reporter notes that even films finished in 4K often have VFX work done in 2K to make things simpler. – Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge
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‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Pirated, With China Top Country for Downloaders

Within the first 24 hours after season three hit torrent services, there were 681,889 unique downloaders worldwide, according to piracy-tracking firm Excipio. That’s more than twice as many as for “House of Cards” season two, which had 320,927 downloaders within 24 hours of being pirated back in February 2014. […] The top 10 territories for “House of Cards” season 3 piracy were China (60,538), followed by the U.S. (50,008), India (47,106), Australia (40,557), Poland (37,552), the U.K. (32,703), Canada (27,584), France (27,151), Greece (20,551) and the Netherlands (20,402). – Todd Spangler, Variety
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Watch “Sesame Street: House of Bricks (House of Cards Parody)” Video at Vulture

Ahead of its season-three premiere, House of Cards gets the parody it deserves — from Sesame Street! The show reimagines the “Three Little Pigs” fable as an HOC-style political thriller — complete with tons of breaking the fourth wall and the Big Bad Wolf recast as “Frank Underwolf” — and it’s surprisingly great. – Dee Lockett, Vulture
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1Dg2xJt )
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