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Hugh Grant, Marc Lawrence Talk Hollywood Snobs, VOD and Creativity: It “Drives Me a Little…

Image Entertainment is releasing the Castle Rock-produced, feel-good film The Rewrite on Valentine’s Day via video on-demand — a first for the two. “I’m a bit of a luddite; I can’t even work it on my own television set,” admits Grant (who spends most of his time in politics) of VOD, but asserts, “It’s a common mistake that people think small, independent arty equals good; big, popular, expensive equals bad, and it’s so not true. To create something that people who work hard for a living actually want to see at the end of a day’s work is as difficult, and I would argue, much more difficult, than creating something that’s going to please a few people in the East Village or at the Hampstead in London.” – Ashley Lee, The Hollywood Reporter 
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