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Wikipedia Says It Wasn’t Warned About YouTube Integration To Combat Conspiracies

The Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that operates Wikipedia, tweeted in a statement yesterday that, despite the lack of warning, “We are always happy to see people, companies, and organizations recognize Wikipedia’s value as a repository of free knowledge.” The site also noted that YouTube wasn’t obligated to warn Wikipedia about the integration given that its content is “freely licensed for reuse by anyone.” – Geoff Weiss, Tubefilter http://ift.tt/2tRer1I

YouTube Responds to Conspiracy-Videos Controversy With Plan to Link to Wikipedia

[CEO Susan Wojcicki] described YouTube’s new counter-conspiracy initiative as providing “information cues”: text boxes linking to Wikipedia and other sources that will show up in videos flagged as promoting alternate facts. For example, on a video questioning whether humans ever actually landed on the Moon, YouTube might provide a link to Wikipedia’s page on the Apollo 11 lunar-landing mission in 1969. – Todd Spangler, Variety http://ift.tt/2tQ0d0W